Friday, October 31, 2008

School week in pictures

These pictures didn't turn out but I wanted to put them on for my own record. We dyed carnations and the orange took right away. It took some more food coloring for the blue to work. It was neat. You could even see some of the color on the stems. Good project when you're learning about plants!

Here's our sweet potato. You can see a couple of roots that grew from it as we had it sit in water in the sun. Another fun project to see, learning about roots. In history yesterday we read about Hippocrates. We read how he's called 'the father of medicine'. We got to make up our own concoctions of various herbs. They chose honey, cinnamon, basil leaves, garlic salt and a few other items. They could taste them if they wanted, which they all did. I didn't try it- the smell was awful enough. Look at how nasty it looked:
Before they actually tried it...mixing it up

Junior Squirrel did NOT like it at all! Just look at the faces he's making! I can't believe I caught them! I could not stop laughing! Even afterward as he sat by me his breath just rotted!
Mom, this stuff is gross!

With water, glaring at his 'nasty medicine'!

Then on the flipside you have the boy who is so picky...who is currently sitting at the table playing with his food, Booty Shaker. He wanted to eat it all! Yuck, yuck!Chatterbox says she kinda liked it. Here she is trying it:And that is some of the school fun we had this week. I must say that little projects certainly help us all to enjoy school and have fun with it!


Sara J said...

Awesome school projects! They look like fun...and how awesome that you caught that face!!! LOL

Kim said...

That face is hiliarious! I would make a face like that too, if I had to eat those spices. Great projects. I enjoy seeing your projects. They give me little ideas.