Monday, October 27, 2008

another round at the doctor's

Today was Sweet Pea's well-baby appointment. She weighed in at 9 lb 1 oz and was 22 in. long. I thought for sure she weighed more than that- to me she seems huge! I guess to me she is huge since she was so tiny when she was born. The little sweetie woke up this morning smiling and cooing away- the most she's ever done! It was such a treasure and a wonderful way to start the morning!

Back to the doctor's though. The nurse stated that she'd get her two month shots today and I said that we wouldn't be getting them today, that we do a delayed schedule. She looked at me as if I knew what I was talking about! Then she told me that even homeschoolers need to get shots now, but I told her that we're also able to sign a waiver. I also informed her that the other children were currently updated on their shots (since we updated them when we were in the adoption process). The doctor then came in and was very nice, but also asking when I planned to begin. "I'm not sure" I said and told her that it was different for all of our children. You know, with the first you do everything 'by the books', the second you are a bit more lenient, by the third I felt more educated and he didn't get shots for a long time and I suppose this will be the same. My children also don't do well-child appointments. I did this one because SP's weight issues at the beginning but I didn't even schedule the 4 month appointment! She said, "We like our kids immunized". Great, good for you woman...but as my parental right I decline at this time!

Well, SP is wanting to be held and I've got to try to get some things done around here before bed. My house is a disaster (well, not really but to me it is) and its driving me nuts!!!


Kim said...

Hey I'm curious why you don't get them shots? I thought you did. Is it because of the link to autism? I'm really curious let me know. I always got my kids shots becuase I thought I had to. Let me know what changed your mind and what you read.

Kim said...

One more thing what is the delayed schedule of shots? I pretty know what you mean but is there a difference between when they are recommended to get shots and when you delay them. Like less riskery or something?

DDK23 said...

I admire you for sticking to your guns. I hate how tv and the media portray parents like yourselves as "ignorant" or nutjobs. I have done the recommended vaccination schedule (although my doc's office did them a little more spread out)...but I don't at all flnch when another parent chooses something different.

jljdcraig4 said...

Good for you; exercising your parental rights...............I'll be praying for the LORD to show you what to do in this situation.

I've allowed my boys to have MOST of the vaccinations, w/the exception of Chicken Pox (Jay had it when he was little and Dean was exposed); and I did wait w/Jay on the DPT shot, until they came out with a milder version than what they used to use................Dr.s are taught to think of the health of the general public; You as a Mom are thinking of the health of each of your individual children. :-)

Be blessed,

Beth said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! Dr.'s are so pushy and I admire you for sticking up for yourself and S.P. I don't think shots are near as important as we are led to believe, especially as young and as fast as they want to give them to babies.