Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guess where we went today?

Some of you may know if you saw my status on facebook, but for you others...I suppose I'll share;) No, just kidding, I'm excited to share! Last night we heard on the late news that Sarah Palin would be in Des Moines today. So we logged on to the internet to get the details and ventured out this morning to go and attend the rally. You always see them on TV and never think you'd be one of the people cheering, but this time it was us! We got there really early, but it was good we did- at least 8,000 people showed up! And of course across the street you saw all the Obama supporters with their orange t-shirts on! Just like you hear about! We waited around, for what seemed like forever, put up with country music by Aaron Tippin, heard speeches by those running for office in Iowa, chanted for Sarah and finally she appeared- with her two daughters, Willow & Piper! Pictures didn't turn out well, I can't figure out how to get my camera to work well in darker settings (it is so annoying), but here are some to share anyway:

For more pictures go here.


Kim said...

How Cool! What did the kids think of it all?

Amie said...


Sara J said...

That's neat! I dont think I'd enjoy something like that though. Im probably the most anti-political person in America, but how cool that you/your kids are part of a historical campaign now!?

I want to know what you thought about it, too, in addition to the pics!!! Opinions? Critique of the 150,000 clothing? haha

DDK23 said...

Her kids are cute. She doesn't seem really down to earth.

Shari82199 said...

I am so not political either. If it wasn't for Todd, I would probably be lost when it came this time of year.

I didn't think I would like going to a rally. But let me tell you, when Bush was in Marquette, it was so awesome!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would take the kids too. We didn't last time, but they were too young then to even understand.

I love hearing them talk about the election now. So cute.

Jodie said...

Neat. Some day I would like to go to one of those in real life. I liked looking at the pics too. There are a bunch of cute ones of you and the kids.