Wednesday, October 29, 2008

skip day

Today we skipped school. I knew the weather would be fairly nice and I've been wanting to drive to Ames to consign some of my children's clothes. We do have a consignment shop here, but I haven't heard much about it (though I've shopped at it) and you have to pay yearly to sell there. The one in Ames I've heard good things about and you don't have to pay. So, we met Zach for lunch. He took us to Hickory Park, a really good barbecue type place. The inside reminded me of what a bus station would look like. The food was delicious and the service great. I was able to find a few needed items for the kiddos at the consignment shop, but I didn't want to get too much in hopes that my clothes will sell and I can use in-store credit if I want. I planned to come home and give spelling tests and do history but I just wasn't in the mood at all! So, I did a bit of cleaning up, cooked dinner and then tonight cleaned the upstairs. It was an eventful day but very pleasant.

I think I forgot to mention that Chatterbox bought a latch hook kit last week. Tonight I sat with her to try to teach her how to do it (I haven't done it since I was probably her age so I had to read the directions and refresh my memory). She seemed to have a hard time and I was trying to clean so couldn't/wouldn't keep showing her but I know she'll get it.

I also forgot to tell you that the other night (Sunday) Junior Squirrel pulled his tooth out! Here I thought he was going to sleep but he must have been wiggling it (which he'd been doing for some time). So now he's missing both of his front top teeth! He talks pretty funny now;)

I can't remember if I mentioned that Sweet Pea woke up the other morning so smiley and just talking away! She seems to smile a bit more every day. She's also been awake much more lately. Right now she's cozily cuddled up on me and I love it! She is growing so quickly!

The big news on Booty Shaker's end is that he's finally sleeping in his own bed all night! It took long enough! I am so proud of him! It is nice to have more space in the bed! Speaking of co-sleeping, I forgot to mention how when the doctor asked where the baby is sleeping I said in our bed and she had to talk to me abut how baby's can suffocate. Dude, they could suffocate anywhere!!! Anyway, it is late, and I am tired. I've been waking up rather cranky lately, but it doesn't help that I'm being awakened earlier than normal! This morning CB set her alarm so she could wake at 7 and read! And you could tell she was up too early for what she needed...she was a bit testy with me at times! Normally she does wake around that time on her own...I should make sure her alarm is off tonight!!!


Kim said...

Did the tooth fairy leave him a good amount of money for that special tooth? I know my kids get way more money for a tooth than I did as a kid. Great that BS is in his bed. Must be so much more room for you now. I just heard the other day on tv somewhere about the risk of SIDS being higher if a baby sleeps with you in your bed. I wouldn't worry if I was you. You've been doing it forever. ANd as Mothers we are always aware of where the baby is at all times while we sleep and wake to every little thing. So keep doing what you're doing.

Sara J said...

I cant believe CB sets her alarm to read! That is too cute...she is so darn sweet.

I love the stories about your kids. They really are a joyful form of entertainment, with all their adventures and funny sayings.

I am the co-sleeping police, I babies in my bed at all. After you have had to pry more than one dead infant from a mother's arms who fell into too deep of a sleep and suffocated the baby, you just cant do it. (Nic had one that was smothered by the father, even) To me, it's like drunk driving...tons and tons of people drink and drive and never get in a wreck, but the risk is still increased for them. We all could get in a wreck and die at any time, but the guilt would be worse if you were drunk when it happened.

On that note, I also say we all have to do what we have to do as mothers, and be comfortable in our choices. You rock on with whatever works best for you, and I'll still love ya anyway! LOL