Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a new set of vocab

Lately I've been thinking how we have a new set of vocabulary in our house. Especially new with the kiddos, though not as new with Zach & I. Words like boppy, Ergo, onesie, spit-up have overtaken much of our words! (I SOOO want this onesie for my Sweet Pea!)

And I love it! It had been so long since using many of these words, as well as the items themselves! What would we do without our boppy to keep our arms from getting sore? I love, love, love my new Ergo! So does Sweet Pea. That girl could sleep in that thing against me all day long! At the Palin rally she slept the whole time (probably at least 3 hours) and I could barely wake her to eat! Last night we ran to the mall to get some much needed winter clothes and she just cozied right up on me. I even use it around the house when I need to. Onesies are a great invention also. Who was ever so wise to come up with them? After looking just now I see its Gerber! Doesn't surprise me I guess. I also love gowns, although I certainly have a difficult time finding ones to fit. Usually they say for 0-6 months but they are huge!
Any new words around your house???


Kim said...

That onesie would fit her to the tee. How cute to see one with sweet pea written on it. I never had an ergo or boppy with the boys but had one with Baby Girl. I loved mine as well. I see your pic of SP laying in it to prop her up, and that's what i did too w/ baby girl. I used my ergo so much when she was a newborn because she wanted held all the time and I needed to do things around the house, definitley came in handy. AS far as new words around here. I cant think of any. However I find myself saying things like Baby Girl does. For instance She says Day Day for JJ. Maaaa for Max the dog, Mulk for milk. there's so many. She has me talking her language. Guess we understand each other better that way.

Sara J said...

Well, we're kind of past the newborn supply stage, but our favorite new words when IK was born were "Bumbo" and "Peanut Shell" the two items we could not have done without.

Now our new vocabulary is "No" "Pee pee in a potty" and "MINE!" *sigh*

You could totally easily make that onesie yourself. Buy a pack of iron-on transfer paper for your printer, and print it out, then iron on a onesie you already have!

Wethyb said...

Grace is always coming up with new junk. It's funny listening to her. Maddy only has Momma and Dada right now :)