Sunday, June 12, 2011

I hate this!!!

I hate this whole thing.  Who'd ever think they'd be pregnant with their 5th (living) child and their husband is across the world in a combat zone!?!?  As I approach my due date (I am SO ready) I can't help but get emotional knowing my husband is not here to take part in such a special day.  I mean, who misses the birth of their baby!?!  I know it happens, but it sure stinks that it is happening to me!  So, I've been a bit of a mess over it all the past couple of days.

This morning I woke up totally in a nesting mood.  I got rid of the dresser in the boy's room and put their clothes in some Rubbermaid bins under their beds and bought some collapsible type bins for under their table.  Much more room in there and I can hope that their room won't accumulate so much junk.  You should've seen the garbage I took out of there!  And it hasn't been that long since I cleaned it!  Ugh!!!  Sure feels good to have it clean, but I'm guessing it won't last long. 

I wish these braxton hicks would DO something!  I'm so ready for this baby!  If nothing else it will give me a break from the little ones under my roof.  My mom will be here in a few days so it'll be nice to have an extra pair of hands to help me out. 

I put the kids to bed early tonight.  I'm just too tired of dealing with their behavior.  I am down here typing this and crying.  I'm just tired.  Exhausted.  On so many levels.  And here our day started out good...going to church, eating lunch out and buying the new things for the boy's room.  Why, why, WHY does it have to end on such a crappy note?


Kim said...

SO how many weeks/days till your due date again? I bet you cant wait for relief to come. It is very exhausting doing it all on your own. i know how you feel.I dont know how single moms do it. Wished I lived closer and I would take your kids for a day to give you a break.

Becca said...

Are you doing a VBAC this time?

I am OK said...

Oh, I sure hope it got better when your mom got there! Sounds like it was a rough day. ((HUGS))