Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Yeah, I'm blogging

Can you believe it?  I am sure lots has gone on the past few weeks worth mentioning, but I cannot think.  I'm rather sleep deprived from everyone being sick for so long.  I've had a cough, then sinus stuff, then a cold that turned into a virus that's all been going on for over a month now.  How annoying.  This past week was the worst- I was so miserable and out with a fever and all.  And it's hit everyone else in the house too- Abby is the last one to get it.  I am so beyond sickness.  Last night I ran some errands and that was my first time out of the house, aside from the doctors, in a week or two!  Crazy!  It's hard not to be discouraged.  I'm trying to not do too much so I can continue to get better (I still have a horrible cough).  But my house is falling by the wayside- you should see the dust just caked on my tv stand.  It drives me CRAZY! 

I also had a weird scare last week where I went to the bathroom and there was blood (it was in my urine).  It was about 4:30 so my OB's office was about to close and they weren't helpful at all.  I went the the walk-in clinic and they weren't going to see me (because I wasn't for sure it was blood in my urine, I was a bit worried it could be the baby).  They told me they couldn't check on the baby at all but they could check if I had an infection.  When I went to the bathroom at the doctors office my urine looked like fruit punch or something (sorry if TMI).  Under the microscope it appeared I had a UTI so they gave me antibiotics and I went on my way, a bit relieved that is what it was and not the baby.  I still was a bit concerned about baby though and later that evening (amidst a snowstorm) a friend (a gal I met from Mommies with Hope) brought me over her heartbeat monitor to borrow.  I couldn't find the heartbeat, but I never have used one before.  I had an OB appointment the next morning anyway, so I wasn't too worried (and the dr. picked up the hb right away). 

Well, I'm going about my week last week, getting worse and worse with my "cold" when I get a call saying the culture came back from the UTI and I didn't have one.  What?  So I have NO idea what that was all about!  I know that morning I totally freaked out for some reason (before the blood incident), fearing for the baby and really having a huge meltdown.  Part of me wonders if I don't have or I'm not getting kidney stones again?  I don't know.

I think I need a new body!  This one is just not working right!  At least it seems to be holding and growing little baby well.  I am 19 weeks today and Friday I have my ultrasound.  I can't wait!!!  It seems most people these days are having boys so now part of me wonders what if this is a boy after all.  I honestly don't care either way, I just want a healthy baby, but I have sometimes referred to the baby as Naomi already!

School is going pretty well.  We're about to hit our 100th lesson!!  Woohoo!!!!  I'm really looking forward to summer break though.  Winter is getting old.  So is this sickness! 


Kim said...

Glad your blogging again. Thought I would jump on and see if you were.Thanks to FB (its great isnt it) I knew this stuff. I am so happy for you. Glad all those scares turned up to be nothing and baby Naomi is safe in her mommy's womb. Glad your family is getting over the sickness too.

I am OK said...

I love, love, love the name Naomi. I am so glad the doctor was able to find the HB right away, what a relief for you and Z. Half way through - :D)