Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Back

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long.  Then again a lot has happened since the last time I've been on my own blog!  We found out at the end of Feb. that Zach would be deploying at the end of March.  So, our whole month was crazy, crazy, crazy.  I know most of you know this all from facebook, but I also want to try to keep track of some of my life when I remember ;) 

We "knew" we'd be in the hot seat at the end of Feb. for a deployment, especially when he got out of the one last summer.  We just didn't think it'd be so soon (or at least I didn't).  I know I'm a high risk pregnancy but we didn't even try to get out of it.  We know it's our turn, after all he hasn't been deployed at all in his 12 year career.  As much as it still stinks...

So, Zach's dad came for a little visit, Zach had a conference in South Carolina and we had to make a couple of trips to Offutt AFB in Omaha.  Needless to say not much school got done and now I feel like we need to play catch up so that I'm not schooling in the summer when I want to get ready for a baby!

Zach left almost a week ago.  A week ago today we were at a hotel near Offutt AFB, as that's where he had to out process and fly out of.  Our last night together.  It was bittersweet.  The day he left was difficult.  We got passes so we could be at the gate with him, so we sat with him for the time until he boarded.  Boy oh boy, that was the most difficult thing.  It's one thing when this all affects ME but to see it affect our children...it tore me up.  Even Gabe, who doesn't cry over things of this nature, was sobbing.  It broke this mama's heart!  Abby didn't know what to think- she'd just look at us and either put her head on my shoulder or put her hands on my face and look sad and concerned.  Hannah and Josiah were crying about as hard as Gabe.  And I was trying to be strong for them...crying here and there but also trying to comfort them.  As we stood there waiting for the plane to leave an elderly lady came up to Hannah and asked, "Is your dad gone?" or something to that affect.  Hannah said yes, with tears rolling down her face.  The lady had a look of concern on her face, looked at me and said, "Thank you."  That was precious.  I don't know how she knew- he wasn't in uniform that day, but she knew.  And it meant a lot to me to have those two words to hold on to, especially as I had the 2 hour drive home.

And here I sit, my children in bed, the house all silent and miss my man so much.  It hasn't been quite the week I expected.  I'd hoped to get started on spring cleaning (which I did- my basement is spotless and I got some of my living room done).  I'd hoped to get right back into school, catching up and doubling up on some lessons.  That didn't quite fit into it all as the kids have been sick with the flu.  Go figure.  You hear that once they leave for deployment things fall apart, but I didn't seriously expect to be faced with sick children on my own right away!  Ugh!  I don't do well with puke!  Hannah and I are the only ones left to get it.  She's got a garbage can near her bed because chances are she'll wake in the middle of the night or early morning with it, just like the other three have.  Or maybe it will be me.  I am PRAYING I do not get this junk. 

Hannah's birthday is on Thursday and she has such high expectations.  I'd hate for her day to be ruined with sickness.  So, I wish if we'd get it we'd just get it already!  I also have an OB appt that day that I really don't want to miss out on.  We shall see...

We did manage to get a wonderful meal brought to us by one of my new friends, on Wednesday, the day we got home.  That was so nice, to not have to worry about cooking that day as my  mind was just frazzled with so many emotions.  Thursday evening we had another new friend and her 4 boys over to play and for dinner.  Friday we took a field trip to the Governor's mansion, Terrace Hill, with our homeschool co-op.  Saturday we tried out a new babysitter and I took Hannah to her book club.   Sunday a dear friend who I haven't seen in probably over a year went and bought some groceries for me.  Monday we received our first meal from our homeschool co-op, who will provide meals for us once a week.

In light of the icky sickies we have been blessed.  I am SO thankful to our homeschool co-op for being SO willing to not only lift us up in prayer but to provide us with meals.  I am SO thankful for friends who are SO willing to run and help us at the drop of a hat (today a dear friend/neighbor brought me some pop).  I am SO thankful for the Mommies with Hope group that wants to get together to make some freezer meals for the kids and I.  It amazes me, these people so eager to help us.  To call and ask if I need something while they're out.  To let me know they're thinking of us.  It means so much.  It's what will help get me through this next 6 months.  God is so very good to provide the friends He has.  So, thank you friends who've helped or even offered to help.  You are a tremendous blessing in light of a crazy time in my life!


Kim said...

Oh Boy I know what a tough good by that was. Been there. Its so much harder when you see your kids so upset. I remember letting the boys cuddle w/ me in bed for like the first week. That is so wonderful you have so many great friends there to help you in all ways. Wished I had good friends like that. They will def make it alot easier on you. You guys sure have been hit w/ the sickness this year. Pray it skips you and Hannah. Hope everyone else gets better soon. Happy Birthday to Hannah too. Hope she has a great birthday

DDK23 said...

I'm so glad you have people jumping in to help. I've been praying for you. What a blessing it was to have that lady offer those kind words at the airport.
It breaks my heart to know how rough it has been for you. But I know you'll make it. Each day brings you closer together.