Sunday, July 03, 2011


My 8th pregnancy, 5th full term pregnancy and the longest one yet!  I'm 39 weeks 4 days.  I'm so miserable.  If I didn't have this pain in the side of my ribs (my right side) it wouldn't be so bad.  I have this jarring pain that is pretty constant.  It's ridiculous, annoying and I'm so over it.  I know all the things like I need to be grateful I made it this far, that I have a baby and all that (especially when I have SO many friends wanting babies) but it doesn't make it any easier when you have pain like that.  I just want to enjoy the end of the pregnancy but its pretty difficult to do.  If only I could be induced or something!  On Thursday I was still dilated to a 1, but he may have said something about being effaced, I just can't remember because I was so stuck on that number 1.  Last night I had a few stronger braxton hicks but whoopee do, it didn't do a thing.  I know I can't be pregnant forever, but this seems like forever.  They will now let me go to 41 weeks as long as Dr. Drake monitors me twice in that week, which I'm OK with, but seriously I'm praying she comes before I even hit 40 weeks.  I mean how much pain can one take?!?  Abby was throwing a fit earlier as I reprimanded her and she was just all over me and I got so frustrated.  I am so sore!  I just started to cry...I'm tired of it!  I feel like I can barely walk- I feel so huge.  I should say that at this point I feel like I can barely even waddle!  I look forward to the day where I can just spring out of bed again.  Normally I LOVE being pregnant- and of course there are perks- I love the little movements and all, but pain, pain, pain.  With Abby it was constant pain with kidney stones and a stint and now this!  Just ridiculous.  And let's not forget I am so eager to meet our little girl- to hold her, hug her, nurse her, kiss her, stare at her, etc.  I am READY.  What's she waiting for?  Is she scared to enter into this family, this madhouse!?!?  To those who read who desire a baby...I'm sorry for my complaining.  I know you'd love to be in my shoes...please know I am SO thankful to have this baby growing within- I'm just ready for it to be DONE!  Anyway, that's my gripe for today...wonder if I'll shed more tears.  I've been holding it together pretty well...but I'm just so exhausted on so many levels.

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I am OK said...

Obviously little Namoi is here now! Yippeee. But I had some blog catching up to do :) You are so funny, you know you do not need disclaimers! It is your blog and you are totally allowed to feel anyway you want. We all know how uncomfortable you must have been and were praying for you the whole way.