Friday, July 29, 2011

Life with 5

My mom and I were talking last night.  It's a lot more work with one more child!  The only reason being that Abby is still so little and needs help with things (especially since she's potty training).  When I had Abby the older kids were just that- older.  They could go potty themselves and such.  Now its almost like having just two again- a toddler and baby!  Remember those days???  I do have the other kids to help out though, but I think they think that because Nanny is here they don't have to do as much.  They'll be in for a rude awakening when she leaves in two weeks (I will be too).  I'm nervous about that.  Not so much the staying home with 5 kids part, but the going out part.  How will I do it?  I am not going to drag 5 kids into a bathroom when Abby has to pee but I'm also not going to leave them alone!  I may seriously be homebound until October when Zach returns!  Grocery shopping?  I will definitely have to get a sitter to do that.  It was stressful enough being pregnant with 4.  Now I have a newly potty trained girl and a new baby.  My blood pressure goes up just thinking about it! 

Otherwise, I am enjoying life with a baby in the house again!  She's such a sweet little girl.  I have been a bit sad lately because I see how she is already growing.  She starting to get chubby cheeks and a bit more meat on her legs and arms.  I want her to stay little so her daddy sees her that way (granted she'll still be little at 3 months but not as little as now).  I feel like we're just used to "hanging out" with each other now!  She is such a cuddly little thing.  I need to work on laying her down more or I will really have it hard when my mom is gone, but on the other hand I just want to hold and enjoy her because I know how fast they grow (and honestly I'm not sure I want a number 6, at least at this point).  Everybody has adjusted well with her around.  Abby has been super.  More often than not she'll be telling my mom to put the baby in her bed or give her to me so she can have my mom, rather than telling me that!  I'm sure it will change when my mom is gone! 

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I am OK said...

What a blessing that your mom can stay for so long :) Precious memories for sure.

Everything will go just fine with 5! It is just a little more exciting that's all :)