Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something I totally forgot to post last month....

Here are some random thoughts I've had on our trip so far.  We left Sunday night, drove just south of the Twin Cities and stayed the night and finished our trip to the Northern Shore of Minnesota yesterday.

- You know you're close to Canada when you use an ATM and it asks you what language you'd like to proceed in and the first language listed is French.

- You know you're in a small town cafe' when everyone seems to know everyone else in there!

- Small town cafe' has awesome prices and I thought the food was good.  However, once we got back to the cabin I had a full-blown headache (I had one before but thought it may have been due to hunger) and my stomach hurt horribly.  It still hurts a bit today, I've eaten but only a little here and there, and the baby seems to be ailing a bit too as she's been cranky and pooping a lot.

- Why does it seem like someone has to get sick every vacation?

- I grew up playing on the beaches of Lake Superior and yet didn't seem to enjoy it then like I do now, as an adult.  I do enjoy the beauty around me when I go 'home' and this trip is no different.  It is fun to explore somewhere new on the shores of such a grand lake.  I really realize how blessed I was to grow up where I did.  Boy, did I take it for advantage!

- What is it about this place that makes it seem so much more relaxing than being at home?

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