Thursday, September 29, 2011


ONE~ There is only one of me to go around though I feel like I'm yanked in a thousand different directions.

TWO~ The number of hands I have to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished in a day.

THREE~ The number of years we've been in Iowa.

FOUR~ The number of children I had the first half of this year and first half of this deployment.

FIVE~ The number of children I have the second half of this deployment.  A number that is difficult to adjust to, especially being I am only ONE.

SIX~ The number of months that Zach has been gone and the number of people currently residing in our home.

SEVEN~ Seven is a great number and is the number that will complete our family in less than a month when Zach finally returns home.

EIGHT~ Eight total blessings God has given to Zach and I- FIVE here with us and THREE in heaven.

NINE~ The number of months until we "could" move from Iowa, if the Air Force, and ultimately God, moves us.

TEN~ The number of "important" things Zach has missed the past SIX months- Hannah's birthday, Josiah's birthday, our anniversary, Nathaniel's "birthday", the 4th of July, Naomi's birth, "Grace's" "birthday",  Gabriel's birthday, Abigail's birthday, my birthday.

It has been a LONG SIX MONTHS being just ONE me.  I'm so thankful that I serve the ONE true GOD and that HE has given me STRENGTH to get through this time.  I cannot wait for the next....well...LESS than a MONTH, when our family is complete again when my husband returns.  It cannot come fast enough!  Some days I've wondered how that rope has been long enough to sustain me.  Especially these last couple/few weeks that are d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g. o.n. b.y. 


I am OK said...

You can do it!!!!!! We are praying for you over here all the time. We are so excited that Zach will be home to you soon. (although it certainly doesn't feel like it to you)

Kim said...

Geez six months is really a long time when you think about all the things that have happened w/out Zach being around. So glad for you and the kids that the end is so near. You've been one strong lady hanging in there w five kids, and giving birth while your number one support was gone. Tremendous respect to you!