Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Abster

Boy, does Abby crack me up these days.  She just talks so much.  She seems so grown up for her days, probably because of her older siblings!  She sure can carry on a conversation and while others may not understand her I sure can.  She says youth group like "boops poop" and it cracks me up every single time.  Then she just has the cutest little smile and giggles.  I've just been enjoying her these past couple of days.  That's saying a lot because lately I've had a difficult time enjoying my kids and I've prayed about this, that I'd begin enjoying them again.  Even if it is one by one!  I don't always enjoy her, of course...with her fits and fits.  She sure knows how to throw a fit like the best of them...from watching her sibs.  I can see when she stomps off how she's so much like one of her brothers.  Or how she says certain things how she sounds like one or the other too.  I guess she learns from the "best of them" right?  Haha.  

So tonight on the way home from Bible study I sat in the back with Abby & Naomi because Naomi wasn't feeling well.  Abby must have loved it and she talked my ear off...guess it pays to have her older sister at "boops poop" so she doesn't monopolize the conversation!  Abby sure took advantage of that time to talk!  I can't remember everything we talked about but it was fun and I sure enjoyed it.  When I began to say something to her about her birthday and how it's in August she got really excited.  You see, her friend from church has a baby sister named August.  She was quite confused.  I told her Gabe & I also have birthdays in August.  But she sure didn't understand it.  She was pumping her fists in the air and saying, "Yay!  I like August!"  lol  Earlier today I was going over the books of the Bible with the kids and she was saying them right along with us.  So cute.  When we go over Bible verses she has to be right there with us saying verses also.  I love that!  Hannah asked her what Ava and her talk about and she says, "Mmm, dresses and people."  Then she hesitated and said, "And Jesus."  Crack.  Me.  Up.

She always wants to do her school too...which is hard because I seldom do.  I should.  When I give the kids a spelling test she gets her pad of paper and pencil and says, "Now what?"  So I shout out letters or numbers for her to write and she scribbles something on her paper!  My girl is growing up way too fast.  Why oh why do they have to grow so fast?

Oh and fast fact- she LOVES to wear dresses.  Thankfully there are times when mostly Hannah (never myself) can talk her into wearing pants.  Oh and she also really loves to stick her hands down her pants.  Gross, gross, gross.  I feel like her hands always stink, even when we wash them!  And the other day Hannah told me there was POOP on the wall by Abby's bed...from digging in her pants that she pooped in.  Ugh!  Three year olds are SO cute as they grow and learn but they can also be so nasty!

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