Monday, February 13, 2012

Why do babies grow so fast?

So as I was browsing through my blog I realized I have NO pictures of baby N on here!  That is just unreal.  I feel like a failure or something.  Just shows how much Facebook has really taken over...I barely blog at all.  But still...she is 7 months old and this is the first picture?  I'm praying I just missed one somewhere in there!  She is such a sweet baby.  I've been trying to feed her baby food now and she loves to help hold the spoon.  She really likes squash and tonight was eating some and would say, "Num."  It was so sweet.  She still barely rolls over and prefers to sit up.  She'll probably never crawl!  Oh well, I am honestly content letting her not do that stuff...they're only little so long, ya know?  The past 7 months has already flown by.  

Did I really just blog TWO days in a row?  What's up with that!?!?  Go me!

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