Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Boy

Another birthday in our house today.  Gabe is now 7.  That is so hard to believe!  I swear that boy was JUST born!  How can 7 years have gone by?  I used to look at him and he was always my 'little Gabe', just my small, little guy.  Now he is 7!?!?  Why must kids grow so fast?  I asked him tonight as I put him to bed if he felt older and he said no, but then piped up that he thought he was bigger and stood and said "See!"  Indeed, son!  He had a really fun birthday and tonight during prayers even thanked God for his good birthday.  A party at the park with friends, getting wet in the splash pad, cake and pizza, building his many Lego's he received, shooting his Nerf gun all over the house until I yelled at him, coloring, dinner at Applebee's where he got free ice cream.  I'd say that's a pretty good birthday for a 7 year old!  Only thing missing was daddy!  I hate when they seat us at a table and there's always so visibly an empty chair where dad should be.  Bums me out.  But, less than 60 days to go!  Anyway, we're so blessed by Gabe being in our family.  What a silly little guy with such a tender heart!  Happy birthday Gabriel John!

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