Monday, February 06, 2006

Boys, Bellies and Blunders

My son is obsessed with ladies bellies. He thinks every lady with a bigger belly has a baby growing inside. About a month ago when some friends were over for dinner he walked up to my very pregnant friend and was trying to lift up her shirt, saying something about taking her baby out and where is her baby. He really wanted to see that baby that was in her belly and I think he thought by just lifting her shirt up he'd see it!

Last week a friend stopped by and he said, "Look at her big belly!". She doesn't even have a 'big belly'! I felt horrible!

Yesterday at Awana I was talking to H's new Sparks teacher. She is a shorter lady and a bit on the heavier side. Now mind you, my son has seen many 'bigger' people in his days, be it family, in church, at the store or at a restaurant. So I'm talking to this lady and the next thing I know he goes up to her and is trying to lift up her shirt and asking if there is a baby in her belly! I felt horrible once again!

Kids will be kids, but sometimes they sure do embarrass the heck out of us! So, if you are in the neighborhood and my son tries to lift up your shirt, please just know he is searching for your baby!


Stephanie said...

hahahaha... that is too funny really.. but so cute!! haha

DDK23 said...

Funny, but I guess embarrassing for you:-)
I bowl with a lady (well I don't bowl anymore but I still hang out). One week a lady on the opposing team asked when she and I were "due". The other lady is not pregnant.
I have noticed in the store little kids point and stare at me. Saturday I got a not so nice glare from a little girl.....whose mom was also pregnant.
My niece gives my belly kisses which is very sweet and makes up for all the mean stares.

Risa a.k.a. MomNoBlackHair said...

Maybe he will be an OB Dr. someday - or maybe a Prophet! :)

Bethany said...

lol. That is incredibly funny since it is your child and not mine! I would probably die!

Kids are a hoot!

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were having dinner with us on Sunday and my son told them,"I'm glad I'm five now. Now I don't have to get burned with the hot glue gun!"

I have no idea what he meant by that (I don't think he's ever been burned by a hot glue gun) but I sure hope he doesn't say anything like that to a social worker!!

Bethany said...'ve been tagged. If you have the time or inclination for such a thing. It is a fun one though!

(I'll be blogging about our get together soonish!)