Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Truth Revealed!

The answer is #4! Yeah to those of you who got it right! When I approached my RA about the porn she just suggested we make paper clothes to cover up the parts. I was like, "I don't THINK so!". And of course all the other girls on my floor thought the posters were pretty cool and thought it quite funny (obviously I did not go to a Christian college).

#1 Wasn't totally true, as I wasn't driving quite that fast on the roads. I did spin out of control a couple of times and landed my butt in the ditch. Luckily for that truck behind me to pull me out! The next day as we drove by my parents commented on somebody going in the ditch. It was years before I told them it was me! I didn't want to lose driving privileges! Obviously both the car and I were OK!

#2 A friend and I really did ditch the conference but all we did was drive around Marquette for awhile. We did get into trouble by the youth leaders and our parents. The youth leaders were really concerned on where we were! We were always the ones causing problems in the group! Boy, I feel awful now!

#3 This Native American girl who was a few grades younger than me (and a few pounds heavier) and sometimes rode my bus came up behind me after lunch one day and yanked on my hair. I didn't do a thing about it though, but she had said something about me commenting on her hair. I didn't even know her name, had only seen her a few times and had never commented on her hair! I was a bit unnerved by her for awhile as I wasn't (still ain't) the fighting type! My boyfriend could've kicked her butt though;)

#5 While on our class trip to NYC some guys were throwing things out of the hotels windows and got busted. Not sure if they hit somebody, but I think they came pretty close to! When we ventured to Toronto to finish off our trip the manager of that hotel heard about it and really lectured us, locking us in our rooms at night and putting tape on the doors so nobody snuck out! I think even the chaperones were in shock!

So, that is the truth of the matter! Hope you had fun playing!


Stephanie said...

woohoo i was right.. im so smart aint i?? haha yah i know :P

Bethany said...

I was right too. Cool!!