Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This Homeschooling Journey

Lately I have really been struggling with my thoughts on homeschooling. While I really like the curriculum I am using (Bob Jones), I guess I am a bit tired of how I don't feel like I have much leeway to teaching. Not like I have to follow it to a tee, but I enjoy it. The Phonics book is broken up into 5 lessons a week. So, this week we're talking about Lakes & Rivers. Last week we talked about the Prairie. So I feel like I need to keep it all in a week, you know? That is the type of person I am (and sometimes I really roll my eyes at myself for it). I mean I don't want to do 3 lessons of something one week, then continue it in the next week and be all thrown off. I'd like it all to flow together. Plus Fridays are book days, where we read a new book, which often pertains to what we've talked about all week. What about those days when I don't want to do school? Like President's Day? Or if we just want to take a day off here or there and go on a field trip or something? So I feel like I have to cram 2 lessons into one day then (being the type of person I am). Sometimes this is ok, because sometimes it seems like we fly through lessons. But other times I don't want to do that! So this is where I am at. As I begin to think about school next year I wonder what to do. I want to be more flexible, but not too flexible because I really need to maintain a schedule. Sometimes I want to throw my own things in there and do this or that. I know there are different ways to homeschool an there are so many curriculum choices. I guess, being that I am new to this journey, I am learning the type of homeschooler I'd like to be. I don't want our home to be just like a public school. I want us to have fun learning. I want to do hands-on things. Learn through counting money or pulling weeds. At the same time I'm not a very adventurous person, so while I think these thoughts I wonder if I would actually do something like this! So, right now I am torn. While H doesn't seem to mind the way we do school, I'm wanting a bit of a change. Nothing drastic, just maybe something different. And once J will start school I don't expect him to sit still for long amounts of time learning like his sister can! Then again, knowing me I'll order Bob Jones again for next year! Who knows! Just some random thoughts I've been having. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!


Choppzs said...

I am like you, I wouldn't want to follow it to a tee, but would try my darndest to do it that way or I would feel like I was running of course. All of what you are saying is what makes me deathly afraid to homeschool my kids. I feel in some way I would screw them up, or not teach them the essentials they need to know for the future. I am sorry I have no good advice for you, but it sounds like you are doing a good job so far, and as long as they learn the curriculum and understand it and are having fun doing it, then who cares if you are a couple days behind!!

razorbackmama said...

We're using Bob Jones too. :-) I gave up on keeping things on the right day loooooooong ago. :-)

My dd is doing K5 Beginnings and will do lesson 65 tomorrow LOL!!!

It would be fun to keep it all on the right day of the week, but sickness, holidays, etc. cause too much stress to do that, so I don't.

Amie said...

Like you, we don't want to replicate school at home. I'm starting to move away from the idea of a curriculum. I really like the idea of unit studies.

Jen Bach said...

It's good to hear your comments. We are pretty flexible w/ our schedule, and I know some on Bob Jones...(we're not). We plan to do school in the summer, light, of course, but we're not letting someone come into our house and dictate what we're going to do w/ our children's eduations, no matter how popular their curriculum. If you're not enjoying it, or are stressed, I'd say it's time for a break and time to pray and re-evaulate things w/ Zach. Is he doing lessons as the head? This happens to lots of moms at this time of the year...very common. We like our CLE curriculum and go at our pace, sometimes more than one lesson ata time, sometimes we take a break for awhile. Michigan is a good state to homeschool in (no records, tests, notifications, etc)! We have looked into Alpha Omega (their Weavers curriculum, I think)--they have multi-age unit studies...HSLDA said that they are the king of unit studies. Everyone gets the same lesson, w/ different activites, geared toward their age. Very interesting. very hands on. I'll pray for you! Love, Jen