Monday, July 31, 2006

Attention Trekkie Fans

There seems to be a new Spock in our midst. As Captain Spock has retired, meet the new Captain of the ship:

Saturday night both Zach and I had the same nightmare. How weird is that? Anyway, he has been wanting a dog for awhile but has held back because I really don't want one. Well, after both having the same dream he felt a dog was in our family's best interest so after church yesterday he went to PetSmart and adopted Spock. He is a Shepherd Mix. He's 3 months old. So far he is a very good dog, I must admit (although I still don't want a dog). Poor thing puked in our playroom twice from eating a mushroom outside. He cried a bit when we gated him in his area, but otherwise he did fine- no accidents all night! Then this morning he goes into the playroom and poops! Lovely! But, he has done real well and seems to be adjusting to us all well. He is not used to children, but he is doing well with them! He seems to be hesitant of the little people! And he loves to chew their toys, so we are constantly having to watch him. Anyway, we now have a dog in our midst. He is cute isn't he?
But I still don't want a dog;)
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Jodie said...

Yay for you guys!! He's cute! I bet your kids love him too. Even though pets cost money, take up space and time, and ruin things, they are so worth it!

Amie said...

I love those ears! Now Mary Jane has a dog cousin :D

DDK23 said...

Dogs are so much fun. Get your kids involved in the training and it will be a lot smoother transition.

Wethyb said...

No dog lover here :) I'll give 'em love but then they can go home :)

Choppzs said...

Yah, my sister is a dog hater!!! BOOOOOOO!! lol She should be kicked!! lol Anyways, yes, we have 2 dogs here, and I love them to death. Granted when I was pregnant each time, they got on my nerves and they stunk!! But as soon as the first trimester was over, that went away!! lol You know how the sense of smell gets away from you when you are pregnant!! lol I even tried giving my oldest dog away once. We ended up getting her back after a week or so!! lol We have had Pookey since 1997, and Poppy we got back in 2000. I love my dogs and am a huge dog lover!! They are great companions!! Hope Spok works out for you!

myboys9802 said...

I was wondering about the dog in the other post.
Happy to hear y'all are adjusting.
Hopefully he will get the hang of no pottying in the house.