Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Pictures

Here's G making another funny face. Oh, he is such a cutie, isn't he????

This is J wearing a wig of daddy's and a play-doh mask that daddy made! They are SO goofy!

We went to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center last weekend and here is H dressed up. She reminds me of Laura Ingalls! Isn't she a beauty?

Here are H and I having a fiesta at Lynn Meadows!
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Bethany said...

That play-dough picture frightens me!! And yes, she does look like Laura Ingalls. I haven't been back to Lynn Meadows since it reopened. Gotta do that. I accidently let my season passes expire! Argh!

Princess Ruby said...

Well, only the top floor is done so far, and the outside has some treehouses. It was still fun though, especially being free! I'm not sure I'd pay since it is just the top floor!