Thursday, July 27, 2006


They're furry, cuddly and like to eat. They can swim, sniff or bite. Some sleep with you, some sleep in a cage. I am not talking about these kind of pets, however. I am talking about pet peeves. We all have them. Don't deny it!

Lately I feel like I am being avoided by a few various people. This is one of my pet peeves. How hard is it to return a phone call or email? Sure, we all get busy with our families and life and the things we go through. But to constantly avoid a person is to make them feel like garbage. I sit and wonder what I did to tick them off, if I did anything? I think we as women often take things personally. I know I do. Especially being pregnant. I wonder if I am a pest. I wonder what on earth is wrong with me. It really just irritates me that my so called 'friends' don't act like the friends I thought they were.

This is just one of my pet peeves. And it is really irritating this pregnant lady lately. I know sometimes I blow things out of proportion, especially being pregnant, and I'm sure I'm doing it in these cases, but still. This is my blog and I will rant if I want to, rant if I want to, rant if I want to. You would rant too if this happened to you!!!

What are your pet peeves???

**Author's Note: It is especially difficult in this day and age to maintain friendships, but when it is across the miles and phone calls and email are the only way to go... Just an added thought I had!


Anne said...

You mean being pregnant affects one's emotions? Nah! LOL

I have a few pet peeves, but my mind doesn't want to work right now.

Thanks for the kind words about my kids. My own kids like looking at your blog and pictures of your adorable kids.

Anyway, it's cool that we both will have four of these little ones here! :)

Amie said...

How about when people can't be bothered to use a blinker? Like your just supposed to read their mind and know when and what direction they are turning.

Jodie said...

You have every right to rant away. You have no control when you're pregnant. :) You could even say that you lose all control when you become a mom.

Speaking of being pregnant, you need to post pics of your belly when you get one (a belly that is). I have never seen you pregnant.