Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here are Zach with the kiddos at the Ocoee Whitewater Center, where the Canoe, Kayak and Slalom events of the 1996 Olympics were held. It was neat climbing around on the rocks. There were trails to hike but we didn't do that as we were headed for a train ride.

Here are the kids and I by the train we rode on in Georgia, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. It was my first time ever on a train and I must admit it was so much fun! Slow, but fun. The train couldn't go very fast because of all of the curves. We went from one small mountain town to another, where we got to eat lunch and shop in the little shops. Reminded me alot of the small towns back home! The kids had a blast on the train!

Here are Zach and the kids on the train. We rode in a part of the train with open windows. Was chilly on the ride there, but on the way back was pretty. We got to see the river (Tocoaa, which in Tennessee is the Ocoee) go by as we rode along.

J being silly on the train ride. Posted by Picasa