Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where's the Ducks? Where's the Ducks?

Umm....about the only place we've seen ducks is in my bathroom.

Yep, yesterday a friend and I were going to take the kids to a park to feed the ducks and have a picnic. I had never been to this park, but heard of it and had driven past part of it. So, we drive there and there is a little lake. In one part of the parking lot are trailers, probably for relief workers or something, they were like work trailers. So, I didn't venture down that way. And we didn't see any said ducks. So, I drove to the other part of the park. There is another little lake, surrounded by fence. I am wondering how on earth you get to that water, but I'm not too concerned because a) I see NO ducks and b) there are prisoners working in this part of the park. This is the part where the playground was too, so we were going to get out and just let the kids play, but with prisoners there? No way! Of course their supervisors were there, but not even near the prisoners! I'm not having my children run around some park not knowing what these men are doing time for!

We were disappointed. All of us were. Now what? I didn't know of any other duck parks. Sure, there is the hospital. Yep, the hospital has a bit of water in front of it and you can feed the ducks. But its a hospital! And right on the highway! Nope.

So, we ended up coming back to my house, playing in the backyard and having our picnic here. It was still fun. But, I was really hoping to post some pictures of the kids feeding ducks. Instead I leave you with this:


Choppzs said...

Aww,cute ducks!! lol You could always go the dollar store, pick up some of those rubber ducks and let your kids play with them in a kiddie pool outside???? Well, if it's warm enough. At least you guys have little ponds and lakes near you, we are surrounded by desert. No water here, unless we drive 2.5 hours!!

Wethyb said...

What a bummer! But I sure do like Heather's idea :)