Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Official

  1. I am finally on the weaning process. I am bound and determined to get G weaned once and for all!
  2. We finally became members of a church, First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs. I can't remember if we were members of our church in North Dakota, but if not this is our first church membership since being married. We've attended churches and gotten involved, just not become actual members. Now, you won't catch me saying, "I'm a Southern Baptist" because I just don't get into the whole "religion" thing. I am a Christian who happens to be a member of a wonderful Bible-preaching Baptist church.
  3. J has got to be the most unadaptable child. While he was first in Cubbies I helped out. Being that I homeschool, he is never away from me. This doesn't affect H in any way. She is the most sociable little chatterbox you will encounter. But leave J alone and he freaks. The first night he did fine without me, but the second night he cried at the end. This past Sunday night he was wailing right in the beginning and they had to come and get us out of church! I am not sure what to do. I love that he is around other children. He is learning alot through Cubbies. We only have about 2 more weeks of it left until the fall, so I won't think too hard on it. Hopefully by the time the fall comes around he will be a little more relaxed when it comes to being by himself and changes. This past week they were also meeting in a different room, so that may have been uncomfortable for him also. Have any of you dealt with this? What do you do???
  4. H finished her first year of Book It. I was in Book It as a child and I loved it. I would get my pin and get stars put on it every month, plus get my own pizza. I felt special. I know this is how H feels when she gets her own pizza. But, they don't get pins anymore. She never really got anything resembling a monthly award. There were one or two months where she didn't get anything. I am thinking of calling them and just giving them my .02$ on the matter. I LOVED those pins and placing my star on it EVERY month gave me such a sense of accomplishment. Anyway, even homeschoolers can sign up for Book It, so check it out. I believe they are even starting a preschool program now, although I'm not sure if that is open to homeschoolers. And despite my complaint, it is still a great program. They have many reproducibles on their site that you can print up. Awards. Monthly reading charts.


Amie said...

A few months could make a huge difference in J's anxiety.

Isaac did Book It this year also, he didn't get anything but the pizzas.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Amie. Those months of development and adjustment could make the difference for J.

I didn't know homeschoolers could use the Book It program!! I loved that as a child. I MUST look into this for the girls.

Later tater,

Anonymous said...

Hey Jame,

Melina is not very adaptable either. She freaks when there is a slight change in anything. Her last week of gymnastics she wouldn't participate 'cause she had a different instructor.

Give him some time. It just takes leaving Melina screaming for a few tims and then she's used to it. She may put up a fight but after I leave she's fine and has a blast.

Hope this helps at all. I feel for you girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, I remember Book It when Darci was young - and we still have her pin! It is a great program.

As for your "J" dilemma, a freind of mine went through the same thing with her daughter "R" at preschool. Mom stayed in the beginning of the year, but then she'd set a time and tell "R" that she could only stay until story time, and after that she had to leave to run errands. "R" insisted that she would be lonely, so mom talked to the teacher, who said that "R" could sit by her until she felt better. "R" cried the first few days, but the teacher said she was fine within minutes of mom leaving. Mom also let her take her favorite blanket but encouraged her to leave it in her backpack unless she "really" needed it, which she did the first couple of days. Things turned out fine, and "R" loves going now! I hope this helps you.
Sorry this is so long - it's hard to condense sometimes.

DDK23 said...

Ahhh Book It....I remember the pizza, but I don't remember getting a pin. I might have gotten to put my star up in Pizza Hut though. I usually read the required amount a books by the second week into the month. Its good to hear Book It is still around.

Choppzs said...

I remember Book It too!! I loved the thought of getting my very own pizza when we would go out to eat. I don't remember the pin, but the pizza was good enough for me.

Olivia went through the seperation thing at about 3 years old. It was really tough, but eventually they calm down and it stops. I just always made sure it was someone I trusted 100% to leave her with because then it reassured me too!! lol (I was probably worse off then she was!! lol)