Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Weekly Update

Wow I can't believe another week has pretty much flown by with no posts! I just seriously haven't had much time to blog. I guess that means I'm having too much fun:)

Tuesday: SIL Rachel took us to the park. It was all locked up and we didn't know why but she'd said it's never been that way before so we snuck in. We were there for all of not even 5 minutes and heard these loud shots from the other side of the field. We saw a bit of smoke too. It sounded like gunshots. We had no idea what it was! Before we knew it a cop car drove by and the woman cop gets out and starts YELLING at us! "What do you think you're doing? Get OUT OF THERE. Who do you think you are?" etc, etc. We readily complied, not sure why it was locked, meanwhile she's asking how we got in and all. She drives off real slowly, ensuring we're going to get out, then Rachel yells and asks her why its locked up. The response: they trapped a bear into the other side of the park! OOPS! Thankfully we were safe and got out of there:) It was so funny! I'll never let Rachel live that down!!!

Wednesday: We drove to Kingsford to visit friends we were stationed with in North Carolina. We haven't seen them in 5 years! It was SO cool to see them! Beth was the first person we met at our church in N.C. We've added two kiddos to our brood and they added 1 so it was neat to see the new babies as well as see how much the other kids grew. We got pizzas and went to a park. At the park they have deer you can feed so we also got to do that. The kids loved that. It was such a great time of fellowship with some old friends!

Thursday: It was our niece, G's, birthday so that morning I shopped for her gifts and we got ready for her little party. Rachel just invited one other family (with 4 children) over. Boy, she does a great job at decorating for parties- even makes her own pinatas! I have a picture of it. That girl's got some patience- she sat there all day working on it! I could never...just send me to the store to pick one up! The kids had a blast though! They played Bible Bingo, hit the pinata and some musical game where they had to dance while James played the guitar (their rendition of musical chairs). It was neat getting to know Rachel's friend, Rachel. We really hit it off! The kids played and watched movies and us adults played Balderdash and Catch Phrase. Boy, did we have some good laughs! We were up late, until 1 am!

Friday: I got up early so I could get ready and pack up to go to my Mom's. Zach wasn't leaving until later that day for Wisconsin (he stayed the weekend there and went back to Iowa yesterday, works all week and heads for Mississippi on Saturday). I hate saying good-bye to him, it feels so unnatural to leave him! We got to my mom's and then we got ready to hit the Bridgefest parade. When I told my kids we were going to a parade they grunted. Apparently they thought it was 'boring' with 'only people marching'. Boy, were they wrong! They had so much fun!!! They got all sorts of candy. Before the parade we stopped at the campground where my cousin was. We didn't' stay long because my boys were attracted to the dirt and I didn't want them getting dirty! My mom's church did an outreach with handing out bottles of water at the parade and so I helped with that. It was fun.

Saturday: We stayed home pretty much all day and it was wonderful! Before dinner my mom and I took the kids to Pt. Abbaye. It's a beautiful point right on Lake Superior. Once again when I said where we were going they complained of how boring it'd be. We got there and not even 5 minutes later they were saying how much fun it was! See kids, I told you!!! I got some great photos! It was so nice to be back on the shores of the lake!

Sunday: We had church and afterwards I went to my dad's house. It was probably the first time in over 15 years that I spent time with him on Father's Day. We had a good visit. I picked up my parent's from a BBQ they were at with some people from their church. We came home and the kids had fun playing outside. Last night I stuck Sweet Pea in a laundry basket and she had fun playing in it. Before I knew it she pulled herself up into a standing position in it! I was FLOORED! Waaa my baby is growing up!

Monday: We stayed home today and it was nice. This afternoon my Aunt Cindy and Grandma came out to visit. I made brownies and cooked dinner and it was nice to have dinner ready for my parent's when they came home from work. This morning I saw SP take about 3 'crawls' to me! Our fence is FINALLY up! Zach said it is like 100* there! We got a nice chunk of change back from our old mortgage company and I think we're going to get a deck built!

Tomorrow I'm heading out to the park to see an old friend from youth group/high school. In the evening I'm going to go and visit my cousin and her family on my dad's side. I can't wait to see them! I feel so ready to go home back to Iowa already. I'm homesick! I am really enjoying myself though and feel so blessed for all of the people I'm seeing this trip that I normally don't get to see! It's awesome!

Ok, time to try to catch up on some blog reading...hope I didn't bore anyone to death!


Anonymous said...

I love the bear story!
Too funny...

Becca said...

Sounds like you're having a nice time up north. We had a nice weekend up there too.

Amie said...

That is so funny about the bear! LOL

I am OK said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Remind me never to go in a park that is locked up - LOL

I am so out of touch here - I can't believe I missed three weeks of your blog. Sounds like everything is going well though. Sorry Zach has to go back and then back out, Is this the last of the big trip for a while for him?