Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why am I here?

On the computer that is. I have so much to do! I meant to get a lot of packing done today but it is so hard to do with kids and when you still need to use a lot of things! So I didn't get a whole lot done quite yet. I also had to take Daisy to the vet because Chatterbox was 'dressing' her up and put a little ribbon on her ear. NOT the fur but the actual ear! It was on there, you couldn't even see the band part and the dog was just whimpering after hours of it being on. So, $83 down the tubes for them to sedate her and somehow remove it. Her ear is bruised and a bit puffy, according to the vet (I honestly can't tell much). Poor pup is so sleepy now and just laying around.

It is so quiet. Zach took the 3 older kids fishing. Sweet Pea slept for a good portion of the time and it was wonderful. I didn't do a thing! I have so much to do but I thought, "No way, I am enjoying the peace." SP and I then ate dinner and played a bit, now she's laughing at the dog, silly girl. She's getting up onto her hands and knees and rocking (I can't remember if I mentioned that or not) so I imagine she'll be crawling soon enough. I'm not ready for that at all!

Ok, miss SP is done nursing and trying to type up her own post so I need to close this.

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