Friday, June 05, 2009

Lakes, Trees and Hills, OH MY

We're ALMOST home! We're in Duluth for the night. It is really hard to believe. I got pretty stressed out last night trying to pack the last minute stuff but eventually finished what I wanted done. It's so hard packing for 6 people! Then taking the dog and making sure I have all of her stuff. So far I realized I don't have the thermometer. Poor Sweet Pea has a slight fever. Good thing I did remember her Tylenol! She didn't sleep well last night and sounded a bit stuffed up but sometimes lately the kids sound like that at night and I've just assumed its the weather/allergies. And this morning she nursed like all morning! So the first leg of the trip she slept great. The second leg she didn't do as well but we made it here! Oh, it was nice, the boys rode with Zach & the girls with me. Only thing was Daisy was with me too and she annoyed me. She wouldn't potty but once when we stopped and as soon as we'd put her back in her kennel she'd start to whine! Ugh!

Yesterday morning we had a park day. Wow, the previous times I'd invited like 2-3 homeschool groups PLUS some other people and hardly anybody showed up. This time it was for our 'new' group we're forming but I'd told a few other people about it who were interested in park days and some others invited friends and there was a HUGE turnout! It was awesome! It was also a bit overwhelming since there were so many, to try to chat with each one! I don't know what Booty Shaker's deal is...last time he's pulled down his pants and shook his booty at someone (living up to his name I guess but NOT funny). Apparently this time he pulled down his pants and showed his 'pee pee'. UGH! I am sure he was just trying to get attention but STILL. I think there were some little girls right there (though they weren't there with our group but their grandma or something). Maybe I need to change his name so he doesn't feel he has to live up to it!

Yesterday Sweet Pea had her well-baby appointment. She weighs 18.5 pounds!!! Chubby girl! She tried to pee on me and the doctor, the stinker! Luckily she JUST missed us! Funny girl!

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Amie said...

You guys are probably in Michigan by the time you read this, I bet your relieved to be finished with your trip!

Sadie just had her two year check up and she was 22 pounds, I can't believe there is only a few pounds between them! LOL

Boys at that age seem to need a lot of shadowing when they play with other children.