Monday, June 01, 2009


Today Chatterbox asked me if there was TVs when I was a kid. It was while they were watching Tom & Jerry (and they know I watched that as a kid). She asked what they looked like so I showed her some pictures of 'old time' TVs online. Silly kid, how old does she think I am!?!? Although I admit lately I seem to think 'back in the day' on so many things. Or I catch myself saying to my kids, 'when I was a kid'. So I MUST be aging! Even though I don't really feel like it!

Today I went to a store to try to sell my kid's clothes. She just buys outright. Geesh, I had a Rubbermaid full of stuff and she only took a tiny bit and offered $6 in cash or $9 in 'turtle dollars'. I found a pair of jeans for CB and a pair of sandals for Sweet Pea so just used the in store credit. Here I was thinking I'm make like $20. Bummer.

I also dropped items off at the thrift store and my basement is clear of that junk! Although they wouldn't take toys so I had to go through and figure out what I want to try to sell or give to people I know and what I wanted to throw away. I even ended up keeping a few things because I just couldn't part with them (mainly a barn we've had since CB was a wee one). It's crazy how you can't even get toys or sell them these days! Although at least you can find them at garage sales and such.

I don't think I have mentioned lately how much I'm thankful for our neighborhood. There have been many evenings, especially when Zach was away, where the kids and I would just sit outside and the other kids (not many kids though) would come out with the parents and we'd all just talk! I LOVE that and missed having that in Mississippi! It's such a great way to get to know your neighbors! Most people on our street don't have kids though, or if they do they're real little. The people across the street are not at all friendly. Everybody else says 'Hi' but they never even say that! It's really annoying, because seriously you want great neighbors ya know?

Sweet Pea has been getting up on her hands and her knees a bit last night and today. It makes me nervous! I'm not ready for a crawler! Although she sure can move around w/out crawling. Babies grow way too quickly. And to end this post the same way I began it, having a baby in your 30s is definitely different than in your 20s. You just don't have as much energy (or maybe its that plus having 3 other children)!


DDK23 said...

We are finally getting to know neighbors around us too. We still have a lot of empty lots near our end of the neighborhood. There aren't many kids yet, Daniel is just dying to meet a friend....and so am I lol!
But you're right it is nice to just sit out and talk to people.

Anonymous said...

I am there with you on the energy thing. I have to pace myself so that I can keep up with my baby:)
It was a breeze when I had Nicole at 24, a little harder at 31 with Nathan and way off the charts with Noah:) But he is my last baby so I am enjoying him!
Be Blessed,

Amie said...

Our kids love to hear about when we were little! It does make you feel old though.

When we moved here we thought some neighbors were unfriendly too, but it turns out they were having some real difficult family situations, maybe it's something like that.