Sunday, May 31, 2009

hello, is anybody out there??

  • It is a relief having Zach home. I forgot how much he actually helps me out around here! Last night I made him his favorite dinner and I didn't even have to clean up! Thanks honey! It's so good to see him and have life back to 'normal'.
  • Yesterday we ate lunch at Wendy's. We never go into a fast food place, especially Wendy's. Well, there were two policemen and a DNR officer in there. They were giving away free t-shirts and bike helmets so we walked away with more than full bellies!
  • After lunch we took advantage of some Buy One Get One free coupons for mini golf. That is totally something just Zach and I need to do. No matter how many times we tried to teach the kids how to hold the club and hit the ball they just didn't get it (especially Junior Squirrel). We didn't even bother keeping score and about halfway through pretty much everybody but me quit! Good thing most of it was free!!
  • Then we went and saw Up. It cost $40 for us to see the movie!!!! That is without popcorn and pop! Unreal! I had to step out for the last part of it as SP just didn't want to sit still any longer. It was my first 3D movie and was neat, though there weren't a whole lot of 3D parts. Cute movie though, of what I saw.
  • SP is finally getting used to Daddy again. Although she still prefers mommy and will even hold her hands out to me! She was just looking at him at first.
  • We went to the church I went to a couple of times when Zach was gone. Of course I had to step out with SP for the same reason as with the movie. I went into the nursery where I could hear the sermon but then the lady began talking to me so I missed most of it. You can even hear most of it in the foyer, where I was at first, but two men were talking and I couldn't hear it there either! It was nice to go together as a family again.
  • Did I mention my honey got me an iPod? It's fun to find songs to put on it! I put a bunch from some CDs we had. I think I have more Taylor Swift songs on there than anything at this point but I'm not finished yet. And for me its like books...I see a book that looks good and think I need to look for it in the library but by that time I forget the title. So I sit and wonder what songs I like and want on it.


DDK23 said...

Chad and I played putt putt last week without the kids. It was fun, and we have no idea when or how we can get them started on putt putt lol.

Amie said...

I actually put books on our ipod. Our library has free books you can download so I've been listening to the Anne of Green Gables books for the last month or so at night. There also tons of free podcasts you can get online.

WildCAT said...

I'm so glad he's home! How wonderful for you! I'm sure 6 weeks seemed like eternity...
It'll be nice to have "normal" for a little while before you leave! =)