Thursday, May 07, 2009

o special day

Today is a special day- Junior Squirrel's birthday. I cannot believe that my boy is 7. Seriously I must be getting old! Last night as I was wrapping his gifts I thought I'd make him a scroll. On his sister's birthday I made up a 'scavenger hunt' for her. So I wrote on his scroll how he had to have a good birthday, how he's a big boy and how much we love him. He loved it! Oh, the other day Booty Shaker was digging in the gifts in the bench. He surprisingly never said anything about the gifts...until this morning. I'd piled all the gifts on the table and chair in JS's spot. BS comes down and tells his brother to open the Bionicle and asking which one he wants to open, the red one or other one. I was still in bed and had to yell for BS to come up so I could have a talk with him!

I let JS open 3 gifts- his pants from Nanny, one of the said Bionicles and Mario Kart. They recently played Mario Kart at a friend's house. JS was SOOOO excited to get this game! He was just thrilled- I wish I had it on video. So after breakfast Mario Kart came out of the box. We only have the one wheel and JS is using it but its still fun (I played the first game with him). Maybe I'll play again once everybody has a turn, although boy my thumb got sore fast! How did I play Nintendo for hours and hours as a kid??? I'm surprised I have feeling in my thumb!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a Happy Birthday post. JS I hope you have the most blessed birthday ever. We are so blessed to have you as our son. I look forward to spending the day with you and making it as special as ever. Have a wonderful birthday JS!!!!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday big boy! Wow 7 already? Jarrett is the same way. I can not let him see any gifts cause he will spill the beans. Too bad Zach has to be gone for his Bday. Did you make him a cake too? I always make the kids cakes, because buying one can be expensive. Sounds like his bday is off to a good start.Maybe Mario Kart will keep them out of your hair for a

I am OK said...

Happy Birthday - 7 YRS old - WOW!

PBJCJ said...

Happy Birthday J!! Can you believe that our baby boys are SEVEN!? When we met, they weren't even a year old and now here we are. It doesnt seem possible! Praying for a year of adventures and excitement for him!!