Saturday, May 02, 2009

Busy May Day

Yesterday was such a busy (but good) day. When I woke up I wasn't sure we were going to make garage sales as it was raining. But I got us up and ready for the day, did a few little things in school (mostly just spelling tests) and out we headed. Boy were there the sales! I didn't even hit them all because I have no idea where they all are (I never did get around to 'planning' and mapping it out). But we did manage to get quite a few things. I found some shirts for myself and a pair of shorts. Oh and another purse. The one I bought a few weeks ago is kind of deep and I lose everything in the bottom of it. It will be good when I no longer need a diaper bag and I can just throw a diaper/wipes in it. I found a few clothing items for Chatterbox and the boys but didn't get anything for the baby this time (that I can recall offhand). I went to one sale and they had all this name brand baby clothes but they wanted like $4 for some and $6 for others! I don't think so!!!!!

After our running around I decided to go up to Ames to pick my bin up from the consignment shop and get my money (I had about $40). I found a few things up there too, mostly things for CB and a pair of pj's for Sweet Pea. I still walked away with $20 in cash! I love that!!!

My friend Jenn lives up near there so I called her up and she invited us over. It was so nice to go and visit with her (its always an encouraging time). We talked quite a bit about all the things going on in the world right now and the end times and things of God. She also 'ordered' us to stay for dinner! Haha, not really but she invited and we stayed. It was then that I realized "Oops"- Daisy was at home all day locked up! Poor puppy! So, when we got home we went for a walk. We walked to the gas station and got a Redbox movie from there and some chocolate. On our walk we saw our baby-sitter walking there too. Oh, Kim they allowed us to take our dog into the gas station! I made sure CB held her but still I was surprised!

Oh yeah when we'd gotten home from Jenn's there was a basket on our porch. On the radio I'd heard something about it being May Day and the guy was saying he had a basket on his porch. I never heard of that before! I will have to look that up. I have no idea where it came from but I'm assuming one of our neighbors. I threw away the popcorn and let the kids each pick out a candy.

I got the movie Bride Wars. CB wanted to see it too and being that she's such a huge helper I thought I'd let her. I also invited our baby-sitter to come over and watch it. So once the boys were in bed (though not sleeping until MUCH later) S, her sister G and their mom came over! It was so fun to have them here! We made popcorn and watched it. It was a funny movie!

So that was my LONG day! Now we're up bright and early (thanks Sweet Pea) but that's ok we need to get ready for Aunty Cindy to arrive today!!!


Kim said...

That's cool you took your dog in the gas station, for some reason I don't see anything wrong with, a gas station is not bad, but a store with carpet in it, what happens if the dog decides to make a mess. OH how funny, about may day. I took JJ to the dr yesterday, she mentioned something about may day . I had no clue what is was or anything avout baskets being put on porches. She just laughed and said oh man I must be really old if you don't know about may day. That was way before my time i guess. I didn't think anyone did may day anymore after talking to her so how funny you mentioned that.

I am OK said...

What a great day! I want to come over :P) It is great that you could have so much fellowship.