Sunday, May 24, 2009

i've resorted to bullets...

  • I still need to try to get pictures up from the zoo and the week. For some reason though they don't turn out right on I'm tired of having issues with my blog and pictures!
  • Yesterday was a gorgeous day. And our last Saturday alone before Daddy comes home! So we went to the beach for awhile! It was so hot! The kids were excited. Junior Squirrel came up to me and said something about how he got water in his mouth. I was like, 'So'. I guess he thought it was salt water and didn't know if he should spit it out! I had to explain to the kids that this wasn't the ocean and the water was fresh (and that there were no crabs to search for). The bottom was a big mucky but the kids sure had a good time.
  • I also took them out for ice cream.
  • We've been doing so much to keep busy. We rented Mall Cop the other night. I watched Seven Pounds one night after the kids went to bed. That was a good movie.
  • We've been hanging out with the neighbors quite a bit. I love the warmer weather and it's nice to let the kids run around outside while chatting with neighbors. Although we have a few couples who aren't very friendly...
  • Some nights Sweet Pea can fall asleep by herself. It's like she gets so tired she just wants to lay in bed and fall asleep. I love that! Last night she was pretty much asleep and sprawled out on me and kicking her leg. It was really funny.
  • I got to see my friend Angie early, early this morning! She's driving from ND to MS and stopped by real quick on the way. It was about 3:30 am! I totally didn't mind getting a little less sleep for that reason! I got to meet her little baby and see how much her kids have grown! The kids all stayed in their car and she came in and peeked at my sleeping kiddos. Her baby and SP look a lot alike, although SP is quite a bit bigger and chubbier! It was a wonderful 1/2 hour of interrupted sleep (I thought I was dreaming)! Thanks for stopping real quick Ang!
  • Sweet Pea isn't as interested in baby food as she is in ours. We had spaghetti the other night so I let her taste some of the sauce and she wanted more! Yesterday she was sucking on a strawberry. We'll see what foods she'll want to try today!


I am OK said...

I cannot believe SP is getting so big. The pictures of her on the grass are so cute!

You must be busy if your on to bullets - LOL I resort to them myself sometimes. I was so involved with other stuff I only posted once last week - then when I tried to catch everyone up on my 'oh so important' life I ended up using bullets too. :P)

Angie said...

I am so glad I got to see you and give you a HUGE HUG! Miles will never keep us apart!!!