Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Go Huck

A friend had a link to this on facebook. Very good indeed. It is amazing to me how much the media can take a story in their own hands and cause a stirring or panic. With anything. Look at the Caylee Anthony Case. Or any other nationally known case of a child missing. How many missing children are there really? Yet the media only portrays a few and we get wrapped up in them. They have their story, they suck in their viewers/readers and all is good. It's amazing how this also happened with swine flu. And did some lady really say something about hurting a pig's feelings for calling it that? Well, boo hoo lady. I will call it what it is- swine flu, pig flu, hog flu. And maybe one day I'll even get thrown in jail for using this, my freedom of speech. So be it. This government is taking away our rights like never before! Oh and one more thing, I never thought about abortion in light of Huckabee's article but it sure does make sense.

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