Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh boy

What a LONG day. It is 11 pm and Sweet Pea is STILL up! I wondered if that would happen after she slept during the whole movie. I need to plan tomorrow's route for garage sales and I can't when she's awake. She just can't get comfy to go to sleep. Stinker. Then we have these new neighbors and they're weird. Well, I don't know them so I honestly don't know if they're weird but we came home after 9 from the movie and I hear this noise. At first I thought it was a lawn mower. But it was these people doing something or another with their lawn and some sort of machine- it finally just now turned off. It's DARK outside people! Turn that noisy thing off!!!

Anyway, we had a very busy, but good, day. We went to eat lunch at Olive Garden. The kids were pretty good- they sure ate good! We dropped Daisy off at Petsmart before that to get groomed. Boy does she look CUTE ! She has hardly any fur but she sure looks cute. They had these little pink and white bows in her fur by her ears- too cute!

I had a chiropractor appointment and waited for the notary to get here. I thought we'd make the 4:50 movie but that just didn't happen. So we got the house straightened and ate dinner instead. Oh and played some Mario Kart. Boy is that game ever FUN!

Oh speaking of the notary...Zach was signing papers on his end and noticed that they had our payment way higher than what they told us (I didn't have those particular papers because I only have to sign on the title). So he didn't sign them and called and asked the lady about them. SO we may not go through with this after all. We're not refinancing to pay out more money! Darn morons. And he told them before that their figures were wrong. So we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Oh yeah and while we were just about to eat cake today the doorbell rang. It was a neighbor from down the street. She's got 2 small kids, 2 and 8 months. I was like "Wow, perfect time, come on in and have some cake!" It was nice that she stopped by, the first time she has. So we visited for a bit and the kids played.

Oh and I thought the movie was pretty good. I was really dreading seeing a 'guy' movie but it wasn't bad at all. The kids liked it, well besides probably Chatterbox who actually cried that she had to come and see it! She tested her limits with me all day (so did Booty Shaker but not as bad).

Ok I think this munchkin is finally falling back to sleep so I better finish up what I gotta do so I can get some sleep. Part of me doesn't even want to hit the sales as I just want to finish up school. We shall see what the morning brings. Maybe we'll all sleep real late since being up later tonight. Oh yeah and I hear the stupid neighbors machine...grrrrr.


Kim said...

Maybe your neighbors are the reason SP is up so late. You think they would have respect for their neighbors that late at night. Well geez I hope they fix or figure something out for you guys to refinance. You definitely don't want to pay alot more. Pray it works out for you, You need your fence. How sweet and nice of you to invite your neighbor in for cake. Your such a good neighbor. Wish I had neighbors like you : )

I am OK said...

Hopefully those neighbors won't make that a habbit. We've got loud ones, and it drives us crazy - especially in the summer.

That really stinks about the re-fi. Hopefully it all gets straigtened out.

Amie said...

We re-fi'd our old house once and got a really rotten deal (a lot of small print we didn't read!)

Happy belated bday to J! Sounds like he had a great day.