Tuesday, May 05, 2009


It is rather maddening but I keep thinking it's been over 3 weeks that Zach's been gone but its only been like 2 1/2. Bummer. Seriously this stinks big time. I can't imagine 3-4 more weeks. And then another 4-5 coming up at the end of June.

My aunt left this morning. We said good-bye last night. Yesterday we went and did some shopping. I had some Kohl's cash and like $10 on a card and got myself two shirts, paying only .81 cents! I love that! Aunty Cindy bought the kids some toys. We hit another kids eat free restaurant (we had breakfast at Ihop). We just chilled out at home the rest of the day. The kids were so quiet with their new toys. I think the kids did like one school subject each (A. Cindy gave Chatterbox her spelling test). I made dinner and Cindy & I bowled....I lost. It was so nice that they came out here to visit us on their way 'home'. I really appreciate that they do that- and I know the kids love it too! So, thanks for stopping by guys!

Today we did a lot of school. Had some company to break up the day and I had the kids playing outside for awhile but then we plugged away at more school. CB finished her English today. I may as well say she's a 4th grader (wow, that seems so weird) but she does have spelling and science to finish up. I managed to get 3 lessons in English w/JS and 2 math pages, in addition to his other school work.

Tomorrow I am taking Chatterbox to see the play 'Little House on the Prairie'. I signed up back in like Sept. I didn't think I'd have to take the baby but she's so afraid of the sitter so I had to buy a ticket for Sweet Pea to come! Isn't that stupid!?!? Something about the fire code! It's 'only' $7 but still. It's not like she's going to be 'watching' the play or 'claiming' a seat. I'm rather irked but I really did want to do this with CB.

I can't believe Mother's Day is this coming weekend. I haven't even thought about it since Junior Squirrel's birthday is on Thursday. Hopefully I can get some cards in the mail... Hmm...hopefully I get a card since Daddy's not here;) He tends to forget about me when he's away! He sends the kids postcards and letters and buys them treasures but I get jipped! I've been wanting an Ipod lately for some reason (hint, hint).

We got an estimate on a privacy fence today. I really can't stand not having privacy in my yard. I also can't stand that my kids can run amok and not stay in one place! They know to stay in the back but sometimes they venture to the side or front. So, hopefully we can swing it. We're in the process of refinancing so won't have a couple of payments so I hope it works out.

I rented Hotel for Dogs for the kids. I saw most of it and it was real cute. I also watched American Idol. I didn't care for Danny's performance tonight but I am still rooting for him.


Darlene said...

Can you imagine those that are left without their husband/wife in other countries? So little time that you have to handle it on your own. Woman did take care of all that back in the day. We woman have gotten out of our real role as a woman. You are a good mother. We need to get man back into the role that they are to be in as Godly men. We have not only let them get away with being responsible for the wife/family we have taken it away by wanting our independence. I encourage you to go online to 'revive our hearts' and go through the 40 day series of a virtuous woman. I am only on day three and it sure has encouraged me and made me see where I am and what I need to work on. It does not put us down, but uplifts us. Have a great day. I love you and am looking forward to seeing and spending time with you soon!

I am OK said...

Your mom is soooooo right. I think I am going to take her advice too. Hang in there - you are a good Mom and you can handle it.

Kim said...

Well I hope you get to have a wonderful mothers day even w/ zach gone. I hope where ever we live that we have a fence. Its so hard containing kids w/out one and Baby girl is at that age where she loves to be outside and wants to venture if allowed.