Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little House

Today I took my girls to see Little House on the Prairie (the play). It was really good. We were right smack in the front (on the side). It wasn't a very big theater at all and it was really perfect. I still can't get over that I had to pay $7 for Sweet Pea to sit on my lap (as if she watched it, she mostly slept). Oh well. I'm glad I got to do that and both Chatterbox and I enjoyed it. I love having the opportunity to do things like that with my children.

This afternoon we ran around getting wrapping paper, cake and all the goodies for Junior Squirrel's birthday tomorrow. I can't believe he's going to be 7. Where has the time gone?? I'm not sure what our day all entails. He wants Olive Garden so we'll do that for lunch since it'll be cheaper. I thought maybe there'd be garage sales (oftentimes they're also on Thursdays here) but they're not until 3-4 and at 2 I have the chiropractor and I have to be home at 4 to sign some papers for our refinancing. Sooo....who knows about the sales. I'd love to go Friday but I really need to try to get more schooling done (we won't do it tomorrow since its a birthday). JS also wants to go see the Wolverine movie so I guess we'll do that. It is so not my thing but since his daddy isn't here to take him I guess it falls on my shoulders.

I have exactly 100 pages left in Pride & Prejudice. It is taking forever to read and I seldom have time to pick up a book lately. I hope I finish it soon as I have a couple of library books I'd like to get into (the latest Jodi Picoult one is one of them). So, I'm off to fall asleep, er read all about Pemberley...

Oh, one more thing. The 13 year old neighbor boy was mowing the lawn earlier. Booty Shaker was running around the house in his underwear for some reason. He sees Lane outside and isn't shy at all about being just about naked. Next thing I know he turns around and moons the kid!!! It was hilarious, but I did have to have a talking with him:)


DDK23 said...

LOL its so hard to not laugh at kids sometimes.
That is weird about having to pay for Sweet Pea, but it would have been nice to see it with your girls.

Kim said...

That was so wrong to charge you for a baby. you should of disputed it. oh how funny I can't believe he mooned the

I am OK said...

Kids have no shame. C was swimming the other day in our back yard. When he was done he came in a put on a pair of shorts. Later he wanted to go back in the kiddie pool so I told him "sure - just grab your swimming trunks off the fence in the back yard." next thing I know my kid is naked in the back yard jumping up and down trying to get his swim suit off the fence. Our neighbor - the same one I flashed once - was just pretending not to notice. LOL - we are a family of flashers I suppose. Hopefully we are not contagious. LOL

Sounds like you and CB had a great time at the show. I love plays, especially good ones.

PBJCJ said...

Jane Austin is one of my favourite authors! Although Pride and Prejudice is good, I liked the more recent movie better than the book :) When you have should read 'Emma'. It is full of sarcasm and humour. Ok, now that I've given you a list..LOL! Love ya!