Tuesday, May 26, 2009

trouble in paradise?

While I missed the show last night it seems that Jon & Kate Plus 8 is talk of the day. My mom made sure to catch me up on it all this morning. And I've been doing my homework a bit today. I even heard our local Christian radio station talking about it. Ever since she told me about it this morning it's been nagging on me. I've prayed for them, for their marriage, throughout the day. It is so sad that Kate appears to have gotten so caught up in the show and fame that she's put her family on the back burner. Not to say Jon's a saint either. I seriously think they shouldn't have done this other season. Jon didn't want to and Kate should have submitted to that. I'm sure it's difficult to have your family aired on national TV every week, but it's what you chose. And once that 'gig' was over maybe you should have chose to get your family back together, to put God once again at the front of your lives (I have no idea where they're at spiritually, just saying). I read today that they get $75,000 per episode. Who wouldn't be tempted to continue to get that kind of money!?!!? No wonder they can afford such a nice, big house! I don't always watch the show, most times I miss it, and I admit that I probably won't be watching now either. It goes to show that marriage takes work- remember to pray for them and for your friends & families' marriages also. The issues they face could happen to any of us (though I imagine not the $75K). And gossip abounds. Who knows what the truth is (and I really don't care). They just need our prayers. Also pray for their children caught in the middle of it!


Becki said...

I did watch it. She said she didn't know how to "fix" it. I was yelling stay home and work on your marriage get off the tv! As much as I have enjoyed their show, their marriage and family is more important. I hope someone she will listen to will tell her that. It sounded like Jon resented being home while she was off traveling for her "work". And he said that he was told he was going to stay with the kids......eeeek!

Amie said...

I watched the show on Monday, and I can not believe they are still going on with this season.

DDK23 said...

I thought they were overexposed a while ago. I do hope they realize that they need to be together and put God first again.