Friday, May 15, 2009

a quickie

I wonder if I can make this a quickie post? I doubt it...

  • Yesterday Junior Squirrel finished his English. That normally took the longest for me to teach so now it seems like things will be a breeze to get done in a day! Yeah, more play time!
  • Yesterday afternoon we went to the park with a friend. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I really needed it as lately I've been feeling rather lonely and deprived of any adult interaction. It has been 4 weeks to the day that Zach's been gone. I thought before he'd left that I'd see my friends more often but life gets so busy that that just hasn't happened. I was feeling down for a few days there but now I feel better!
  • This morning we hit the sales once again. I wasn't sure we would with the forecast being thunderstorms but there wasn't a clap of thunder all morning! It did rain right at the beginning and end of our morning but other than that it was just a bit chilly and very overcast. We didn't hit all the ones in the paper, just a few here and there and a big neighborhood sale near me. I hit the jackpot at one sale- everything was only a quarter and was name brands and in great shape! It was all stuff for Sweet Pea. She made out today. I got Booty Shaker some jeans as his are either too nasty or too small. He doesn't quite fit in 5s but his 4s are getting a bit short. I think the only other thing I found was a shirt for myself. I did take a picture but forgot the memory card downstairs so I could load it.
  • We went out for Mexican tonight. I sure do miss the Mexican place we always went to in Mississippi. Kids meals came with rice and beans. My kids love those items! The kids meals at the place I went only had like 2 options of Mexican food and only one option was with rice and you couldn't substitute! How dumb is that!?!? So I gave Chatterbox my rice and JS my beans and everyone was happy. I also went to Shoe Carnival and got a new pair of sandals for CB and I. We were both in need of some. It was buy one get one 1/2 off and CB answered their trivia question right so we got another $2 off!
  • Tonight the boys took all of their toys out of their room and we put them in the basement. I'm so tired of them not cleaning their room. Or better yet when they're supposed to be in bed sleeping they're up playing and messing! I have just had it with bedtime with those two! Tonight they still played for awhile but at least I didn't see a mess before I went to bed! They weren't necessarily too happy but oh well. So I then went through the toys in the basement and I'm getting rid of a bunch. We just have too much. And they never play with them. We'll see how long that area of the basement stays neat!
  • Boy it all of a sudden got really, really windy out! What on earth! How weird!
  • Oh, Sweet Pea can go from a sitting to laying position (without falling). She does it in like slow motion! It's so cute! She's such a content little baby, so happy most of the time. She doesn't like if I step very far away from her but other than that she's just so happy! I sure am blessed!
  • I am reading the new Jodi Picoult book. I sure haven't had time to read like normal so hopefully I can finish it before its due. So, I'm off to indulge in my book!


Kim said...

I wish I had luck at garage sales like you. Zach's been gone 4 weeks already? SO he'll be home next weekend? I bet you can't wait. That must feel really good to get JS's English done. My kids only mon-wed of next week of school left. That stinks that the Mexican place didn't have much of a choice for the kids and you couldn't sub any items, how stupid. Well at least they were happy. SP sure is growing up fast. Hard to believe she can sit now. I think it was Jarrett who was like that. He was a very good baby, and if I dare got out of his sight he would cry. HE was such a pleasant little boy though.

Becca said...

I read that book....just finished it last week.

I am OK said...

Boy, those sales there are great! I am so jelous, we have really lame ones around here most of the time. Oh well.

I can't believe SP is getting so big!

How funny that you made the boys move thier toys - I did that last year, and haven't regretted it for a moment. Only stuffed animals in the bedroom, and the rest of them go in the den - where I can shut the door! Boys - LOL. They play with the switch plate if there is nothing else, they don't care. hee, hee