Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feeling like poo

I felt fine this morning. Then after lunch I took a shower. I was just enjoying the warmth of the shower and in there for quite awhile. Once I got out I felt a bit icky. Then I tried to lay Sweet Pea down for a nap and I just felt awful. I can't explain how, just kinda blah. I'm not sure if its the vitamins I took this morning or possibly a breast infection. The vitamins are my SuperMom vitamins. I haven't taken them in over a year probably. So who knows if they're still good...but there's a lot left and I'd hate to waste them. Or maybe my body is trying to adjust to them? Or the other day my one breast hurt. Yesterday it was much better but now today the other hurts. So then I wonder if maybe I have a breast infection/mastitis (I sure hope no guys are reading this...). I have no clue but boy do I feel yuck. When I was laying with SP I felt all dizzy and like I was spinning. So I just laid there for a good long time. Now I just feel cold and yuck. I know the cold is because I had the windows open...or so I thought until I just asked the kids if it were cold and they said no. Hmm....I really don't need to be sick right now!

Oh yeah we ended up refinancing after all. We so weren't going to but it all worked out and though our savings a month won't be spectacular it sure does help. It is nice to have that behind us and not to worry about that. And it is awesome that we'll get a refund from our current lender...we'll put that toward our fence. We've even talked of having a deck built. Sure would beat the two lousy back steps!

Thursday we find out if Zach makes Master Sargent. I sure hope he did!!! He won't sew it on for a year if so but still then he won't have to go through the whole rig-a-ma-roll next year. He works so hard, he really deserves it!

Well I better rest while I can. Maybe I should put that hamburger in the fridge and just order pizza or something...pooey.


Kim said...

Hope you feel better. It's no fun being sick,especially when you don't have anyone there to help you. Glad to hear you got to refinance. Hope ZAch makes master

I am OK said...

Hmm, I hope you are feeling better soon. Being sick really is no fun.

I can't believe how far ahead Zach really is. I hope he makes Master also - he is so smart with that stuff!

Amie said...

Hey, I was checking to see if your feeling better--hope so!