Thursday, June 11, 2009

nobody can say this vacation is boring...

It is far from that and yesterday I was pretty much cursing it and just wanting to not be here! Let's see a recap since the last post...Tuesday we went up to Houghton/Hancock. We met with the Pastor from my mom's church as Sweet Pea is going to be dedicated there on Sunday. He is such a cool guy and it is great to see how God has used him to bring this church from some rough times to where they are now. We were supposed to meet with my dad but we got there late and they weren't there as they had to run and help out my stepmom's uncle. I was rather upset, to say the least. I haven't seen them in a year and a half, they haven't met SP and we drove all the way up and they didn't wait! I guess I should've called them to say we'd be a bit late but when I'd talked to them prior to that day they'd had no other plans. I probably won't get to see them now until Zach goes back to Iowa. I'm still kind of disturbed about it all and need to get over it. I was crying pretty hard... Then we were going to visit my friend Jen but I couldn't remember exactly where she lived and didn't have her number with me. By the time I got in touch with her we were already beyond her house. We did get to see some of my uncles, my cousin, my aunt and my Grandma and Grandpa though. It was nice visiting with them. I even invited my Grandma to church and she might come on Sunday!!!! Please pray she does! She can't hear at all though so I'm not sure how much she'd benefit from the sermon:)

Tuesday night I went with Sweet Pea and slept at my mom's house. I just hadn't been sleeping well here at all. Zach and his dad were staying up late to watch movies and the TV was incredibly loud and I'm a light sleeper. Plus I thought a little break would be nice, just away from the kids with my mommy;) Even though SP was a bit fussy there it was wonderful and quiet and peaceful. And boy did I sleep good! That morning as I was pulling out of her driveway I got a message from Zach saying that the dog ran away. At first I thought he was just kidding until I called him...nope. Well, I wasn't coming right back to his dad's at that point. I went to visit my stepdad's parents for about a half an hour so they could see the baby and then my mom and I went to lunch at The Drive In. It's an old A&W stand. I LOVE it! I had me a huge glass of Draft Root Beer! Then it was time to face reality and see what was going on with Daisy.

The rest of the day was quite stressful. I was crying about it and my boys were laughing at me!!! Right now I'm being mean and taking after them...I'm laughing at SP who is sitting on the floor looking at me and crying! She is SO attached! Anyway, Chatterbox and I went for a walk down the highway calling Daisy's name. Zach's dad lives right on a highway but there are also fields and woods. No telling where she'd went. Before I'd gotten 'home' Zach and the kids had been out in the car driving around looking for her. After CB's and my walk we drove around. Then Zach took CB out and drove around. At this point it was pouring rain. It looked so hopeless as neighbors kept telling us there are wolves around and eagles that hunt rabbits, etc. Eventually we had a search party going...the neighbors were all alerted, Zach's cousins and dogs were out looking, his dad got home from work, some other guy, etc. She was spotted in a field running toward the house but when I ran out to get her she wasn't out there. Then she was spotted by a neighbor, and Jenny (Zach's cousin) saw her again but she kept running off. Eventually Zach found in her the field. Oh, PRAISE GOD!!!!! She was so wet and dirty! We didn't' care, we were just so relieved to have her safe and sound! Chatterbox started crying as soon as she saw her, she was so elated!

Today we're just hanging around here at Larry's. My mom got us some pasties so I went and picked those up from her work. Yummy! I ran into a gas station and a guy comes in and asks the female cashier, "Do you have worms?" I wanted to make some sort of a comment of how inappropriate that is to ask somebody (joking around). I knew he meant for fishing...but it just sounded so funny to me. You don't hear that kind of stuff at the gas stations where we live! We're going to meet Linda (Zach's mom) for dinner tonight and then the girls and I are going to stay the night at my mom's house.

I think tomorrow we're going to meet a guy Zach knows for dinner. The guy works for the ROTC at Tech up here. So, we'll take the baby but then have Nanny watch the other kids. She's really looking forward to that! So am I!

Today is the first day my back doesn't hurt! Thank the Lord! I was in so much pain the past few days! It's nice that its not stressful or anything today too.


Amie said...

Pasties sound SO good!

I'm so glad to hear you guys found Daisy! Knowing the area, I was worried she was gone for good.

Kim said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get to see your dad. Our vacation was stressful at sometimes too, and I was ready to go home. How long will you be gone? Oh yeah I'm so glad you found Daisy too. I bet the kids would of been so sad if you guys lost her.Poor CB, I bet she was just so excited to get her puppy back. How funny about worms, WHen we were home, I could tell we've been moved away from that place for a long time, SOme of the things they say are so funny to hear now.

I am OK said...

SO, Dog found - check, Dad - well unchecked, Back better - CHECK, Plans for a good evening almost kid free - check! Let the vacation finally begin on a good note!

I am so relieved about Daisy!

DDK23 said...

OMG I would have freaked about the dog, especially up there.
I would have also been upset about missing my dad.
Vacations can be stressful. Especially when you are trying to fit so much in...and relax.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found your dog and so sorry your "vacation" has been stressful. Why is it we drive from the ends of the earth to see family and we end up running around all over:)

When we moved here I was warned about not leaving my dog outside because of the big birds - eagles, ravens, owls - he only weighs 4 pounds so he would be an easy catch SCARY!!!

Darlene said...

Now if they only will put the dog on a leash when taking her out. And watch her!