Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Above Rubies Retreat

This past weekend I went to the Above Rubies retreat in Alabama. What a blessed time! I was a bit apprehensive going, not really knowing anybody, although I had met some ladies from last year's retreat that would be there this year. I also knew I'd be taking G since he still nurses and I figured he would have me chasing him about all weekend and that I'd be stressed and worried.

I carpooled with a lady that lives in my area, so the hour and a half it took to get there flew by. She had been there last year too, and it was nice getting to know one another. I roomed with a Marine wife, so that was fun! I saw many ladies I met last year and had the opportunity to get to know them better this year. But best of all I was able to be encouraged by Nancy's teachings. Even though I did chase around my little fellow a bit I was able to get from it what i knew I needed to hear. It was so encouraging and refreshing. And one of Nancy's daughters, Pearl, was there along with her 10 year old daughter, Meadow. Pearl and sister Serene have two CD's that you can purchsae through Above Rubies. They are the sweetest, most encouraging songs about motherhood (and you can order them through the Above Rubies site, and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!). Serene and Pearl used to be 'Considering Lily' (if you have ever heard of that Christian band). Well, since Serene wasn't there (they just
adopted 4 children from Liberia), Pearl and Meadow sang. Can you picture it? This 10 year old girl singing with her mother. But, she wasn't only singing words, you could tell she meant what she was singing. Oh, it was such a beautiful site. She had the most beautiful voice! And if you know me, you know that I was trying to hold back those tears! I just kept thinking how I pray my daughter will have such a love for the Lord like that as she grows. And to watch mother and daughter. Little Meadow was massaging her mama's back, helping with her 14 month old sister. You could tell they had such a bond, a friendship. How I yearn to be my daughters friend, not just her mother. Sometimes I feel like I am just a dictator at times, saying, "Do this", or "Don't do that".

Part of Nancy's message was about Adam & Eve being made as one. Now I know this, but for some reason it really just struck me this weekend and I really needed to hear it. I am always quick to open my mouth about things, nagging and complaining about this and that. But this weekend as I listened to the word of the Lord through this wise woman of God it really hit home for me. I vowed to come home changed. Renewed. Keeping my mouth shut more often. Even if I don't agree with my husband on something, to stand by him, being one with him. I was tested even before I came home, let me tell you, and I succeeded, only because I relied upon the Lord for His strength.

G was so good! Friday night he ran around like crazy, but it wasn't stressful at all. The other days he seemed a bit calmer. But I really enjoyed him! Even though he was sometimes so busy I never lost my patience! I feel I had a chance to bond with him a bit more than usual, being just he and I. I was able to enjoy him and all his little antics. And he was so sweet. He has never been around babies. We don't really know many people around here with babies. But at the retreat there were babies. He would go up to them and call them "Nana". Don't know how he gets that out of the word baby! He would rub their head and smile at them, rub their belly. Oh, he was SO gentle, SO loving to these sweet little babies! It was so sweet to see (and it only reinforced my desire to have another). So, now that I know that my baby is cool with babies, bring it on Lord;)


Amie said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I'm going to a women's retreat in March. I'll be bringing Jonah of course.

Sounds like Gabriel is ready to be a big brother!

Bethany said...

I'm glad you had a great time. The conference sounded nice. Those type things are always so refreshing!

I think it's cool you want a large family. I love large families and think I'd rather like one myself! (My husband, who is the oldest of six, really wants a large family!) :P

Choppzs said...

Ok, just a quick question I was curious about just because it popped into my mind when I was reading. G is still nursing, but is exclusively eating breastmilk? I just wondered because you had to take him with you and I was curious as to if he isn't just on the breastmilk then why you had to take him with you for the whole weekend. I know you said he is about a year and a half and it just popped into my mind that he should be eating table foods and stuff by now. Just a curiousity thing, I am trying to still adjust to the little one nursing and having to be available every 30 to 45 mins!! lol Plus Zachary isn't making it any easier!! lol That's what we get for trying so soon!! But it sure is wonderful!!

Princess Ruby said...

No, Gabe eats all sorts of food. I never gave him 'baby' food, he just moved right on to table food when he was ready. He eats pretty much everything we eat when we eat (he even pushes his high chair to the table, climbs in and points to the table/plate in front of him to put his food there). Talk about Mr. Independence! He does still get breastmilk at times when he nurses, but alot of it is for comfort and security too. What better way can we nurture our children? Of course, I never did expect to nurse him this long...the other two were weaned about 15-16 months old. I see no end to this in the future and I am sure that when it comes to baby #4 I will do things differently yet again. So, I had to take him because he still doesn't sleep through the night, still sleeps with us and still likes to latch on at night (and during the day). I was kinda hoping Zach would keep him here and maybe he'd wean himself but no such luck! Which is ok though! Hope that answered your question...didn't mean to write a book!