Friday, March 03, 2006

March Madness

Yesterday was a fun day at Park Day with our homeschool group. Afterwards we picked Zach up from work and ate dinner at McDonald's. As we piled out of our car (we drove our tiny Focus), a black man was sitting in his truck next to us. He asked Zach if we had 2 kids in there (the car) and he answered, "No, 3". The man began to talk to H and J, then told how he is retired from the military. He then takes $5 out of his wallet and gives it to my children! How sweet was that! I just wanted to cry. First of all, down in Mississippi you normally don't see this kind of treatment between whites and blacks. Second of all, to be seen and recognized positively for serving our country is sometimes few and far between these days. I am proud of my husband for serving in the Air Force!

As I ordered our food I looked at the clock. 4:00. I place my order, and a few people are behind me and place theirs. I see cars go through the drive thru. People are waiting for their food. I stand there. H comes to ask me, "Mommy, how many minutes has it been? Where is our food?". These ladies behind me that ordered had 'special' orders (no salted fries, etc). This worker who looked like she had no clue what she was doing was trying to get them their order. Meanwhile all I have on my tray is 2 orders of French fries and 2 drinks. By this time it has been 15 minutes! This is FAST food people! I am watching as the workers put the same food that I ordered into bags and give it to the people in the drive thru! If you know me you know that I normally never speak up about these kinds of things. But, its now 4:20, H has been by about 3 times asking what is going on, other people are asking to see the manager and commenting on how long I'm standing there. I am furious. I speak up. I tell them I've been there for 30 minutes now (which by this point its gotten there). They are so confused about what foods to put on our tray. How hard can it be? I've never worked at McDonald's, but I could have gone back there quicker than that to get my own food! Finally, after I had ranted and raved quite a bit (I was MAD and I could tell my face was RED), I had my food on my tray. Then I got quite a refund back (I think we only ended up paying for Zach's meal). All in all we were in McDonald's for a stinkin' hour! It was unreal. Oh well, I got my food and it is over now. Supposedly we'll be getting coupons in the mail to eat there for free.

Today is our 100th day of school. H has been in kindergarden for 100 days. I have been formally teaching her for 100 days. Hard to believe. She made a hat and some 100 glasses. We sang some songs. We colored 100 days of school pictures. We will probably play outside again this afternoon, but I'd like to celebrate somehow. Maybe I'll take the munchkins out for ice cream! I am proud of H, for all that she has learned in this time. It is amazing to watch them grow right before your eyes! She was in speech therapy last year and I decided not to put her in it this year. I am glad of that decision, for I have seen so much progress just by teaching her to read.

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