Monday, March 13, 2006

Smiles Through The Trials

Monday's lately seem to be doomed for our household. I am not sure if it is just trying to get back into our weekly schedule or what. Today I dealt with Mr. Cling, Mr. Tantrum and Ms. Attitude. It was fun. Why does it always seem that when you are reading your Word, sure that you are chewing on some new meat, learning to lean on God that trials hit you in the face. And you fail. And fail. Will I ever learn to truly yield to Him and lean on Him so I CAN get it right? Anyway, here are a few smiles through my trials:

  • When J gets sad or pouts he gets this look about him. Well, his daddy can make the same look. Tonight Zach was imitating J perfectly on the look and it had me rolling. I need to snap a pic of them together one of these days just so you can see. There is no doubt who's son J is!

  • Tonight at dinner H asked what we are going to do when the Pilgrim's move here. She asked if we were moving when they came! It was SO funny! Where do these kids come up with this stuff?

  • J tries so hard to be like daddy. You should see him 'put up his dukes' and start punching the air. It is SO cute! He really looks like he's concentrating hard and ready to fight! What out boys!

  • G loves to kiss. He puckers up his little lips and makes a smacking sound with his lips. He kisses mommy, daddy, his animals, the wall. He needs to give daddy numerous kisses before bed at night.

  • Speaking of kisses, last week J said to me with the most serious look on his face, "Let's kiss!" He just wanted a kiss, but to say it like gotta love them;)

  • G is getting into that stage where he says "Hi" and "Bye" to everybody and everything. It is so cute when they do that!

  • Tonight we prayed for some Christian widows in Nigeria. H prayed for one of the ladies, who is blind in one eye, to get a new eye and a new husband, because she wanted one! You just gotta love the prayers of children!

Just a few things to make me smile as I unwind this Manic Monday night!!! Thanks for listening, er, reading!


razorbackmama said...

So cute! My 17mo dd loves to kiss. She goes, "MMMMM-ah!" as she's kissing us. Once we were at a store and she was "MMMMM-ah"-ing all the stuffed animals. LOL!

Amie said...

Well, its Tuesday now! :D

I agree, I see so much Zach in J's expressions in almost every picture of him.

Wethyb said...

Why are Mondays so nuts! At least it's Wednesday now :)

Choppzs said...

Zachary's into the kisssing thing too, and it's very cute!! I hate Mondays too, just because hubby has to go back to work and then I am here again with just the kids. But luckily it's already Thurs. and weekend is coming.