Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Porcupine Hay-er & a Drawl

Last night the kids wanted to look at pictures of themselves when they were little. So, that is what we did. H kept commenting on how cute she was! She loved to see herself in all the cute little dresses! In some pictures she didn't recognize Zach or I, or even grandparents! Have we changed that much in 6 years??? J couldn't get over his porcupine hay-er (hair). Guess he didn't know how much it stuck up, 'like a porcupine'. The first thing he did this morning was get out the photo album and look at more pictures, commenting on his porcupine hay-er and laughing. I don't know where this boy gets such a southern drawl from! He will say he is almost fo-wor (four), that he got his hay-er (hair) cut and other southern lingo. We don't go out much, he isn't in school, so where he picks up the draw-al is beyond me! It is funny to hear him talk and I get such a kick out of it. I wonder how southern G will sound? Here is a picture of J with his porcupine hay-er.
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Wethyb said...

LOL...that's so cute! Looks like what Gracie's hair used to be before it finally grew out :)

Amie said...

Love the porcupine hair! One of my sisters had hair like that when she was little.

The boys love to look at our photo albums too. Elijah is the funniest, he denies ever being a baby and gets mad when I show him his baby pictures.

myboys9802 said...

so cute.
Love the hair.
I love when they have a mixture of accents. :)

Choppzs said...

He looks so cute!! Olivia had a "chicken head" when she was a baby, where it looked like she had a mohawk and it wouldn't go down for nothing!!

Mom said...

Finally got my computer working and got caught up on all your news from when Mr. Prez was in your back yard! I like reading about them and will be sure to look more often. I also like reading others comments. So what do you mean no one comments? LOL

Bethany said...

Cute! Your kids will be "real" southerners! (Which is really cool, btw.)