Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm A Big Kid Now!

This is my boy J.

J is 4 years old. He likes to pretend he is Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Darth Vader. He doesn't like to see somebody he cares about get hurt. He has a hard time following instructions. He can't sit still. Typical 4 year old boy, right?

Yesteray J went to Cubbies at church ALL BY HIMSELF! Last year either Zach or I had to stay with him the whole time. I am a Cubbies teacher this year, so I was in the next room and I made it clear that is where I would be, but I still thought he'd cry, fuss and try to come with me. He did awesome. It helped that I said, "This is Mr. Barry. Remember Ethan from Cubbies last year? This is his daddy." Then J seemed to warm right up! Ah ha! A daddy! I like daddy's. I could see his wheels turning. Most of the time in Cubbies we're all together, but when we first arrive we split up. Even when we met together the rest of the night he did great- didn't cling to me, didn't even care if I was in the room or not. I was SO proud of him! This is a boy who won't even go to Sunday School and can't stand when we leave him (besides with our wonderful baby-sitter)! Now my wheels are turning that maybe we need to try Sunday School...even if we have to sit there with him for awhile. I guess we could say, "This is so and so's mommy/daddy/granmda"! Maybe it would work!?!

Then today J started his first day of preschool. I decided to buy the
Bright Beginnings curriculum. I am very impressed with what I bought for only $40! We had Bible time, learned about God making families, did math, language arts where we talked about his name- why we named him what we did and what his name means. I think he is pretty impressed with its meaning- Fire of the Lord. We also had art where he did a self-portrait. I love when kids make the legs come out of the head! He thought he was funny when he gave himself blue eyes, hair and 'blue chubby cheeks'. We also had a character building time where we learned about compassion and we have a memory verse. Even H participated today, as I haven't started (officially) school with her for the year yet. They had fun finding families doing things together in old catalogs and magazines and cutting them out and gluing on their 'God Created Families' paper. I must say I really think my boy enjoyed his first day of preschool. He had a hard time sitting still for the Bible reading, but he sure liked the different activities we did. Most of the work is more hands-on, so it is great for a 4 year old active boy. I thought maybe G would participate with us, but he was too busy destroying the place and tearing apart puzzles.

Let's hope tomorrow is even more of a success!
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Amie said...

I tried a preschool book with Elijah last year but it didn't fly. Although he was only 3.5. But, he does love to do crafts and stuff which we do a lot of. We will try again with a workbook this year. Isaac's stuff should be coming in the mail any day,although we won't be starting until after Labor day. I'm really excited to see all his little books and things :D

I hope Cubbies continues to go smoothly!

Jodie said...

You're such a good mom!! I am truly impressed. I can't wait until Brady starts drawing "real" things. I laughed about Josiah making his legs come out of his head.