Monday, August 07, 2006

What is Going On????

I am not even sure what to write. Everything is up in the air. I passed clots, big old blobs that I was certain was a baby. Yesterday I endured hours of horrible cramping that felt like labor. Finally I went to the ER. The doctor had just wanted me to wait until today to go in for an ultrasound but I was in so much pain I could not wait. So, we sat and sat in the waiting room. At the end of it all- my Hcg levels were normal and there was still a fetus in my uterus! They still could not detect a heartbeat, but said that isn't abnormal. When the did a doppler they thought that they detected a heartbeat. Now it is back to the waiting game. I went in this morning to see the doctor but he has deliveries up the creek so I need to go back after lunch. Let me tell you that if this baby is still alive it will be such a testimony- a complete miracle of our Sovereign Lord. And if this baby is to pass I really want it to happen soon- and to not go through all of the pain I have already been through. Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you posted. Right now I am lying in bed (on my laptop) relaxing and making everybody else do the work! If there is a chance this baby can live I am not jeopordizing anything! Keep praying!


Christine said...

What a tremendous example! I am begging God that this precious child will make it. I am praying that you will feel much better soon!

Choppzs said...

That gave me goosebumps!! I am praying for you guys at this very moment that that precious baby is alive and well, and for some reason this was all just a test of your faith and strength!!! Keep smiling guys!!

Amie said...

Wow! Praying for good news this afternoon.

myboys9802 said...

Good Luck Honey
I'm so sorry.
You are in my thoughts.