Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lullaby of Love

One of my favorite ministries (if that is the right word) of all time is Above Rubies. The magazines have encouraged me beyond understanding. The books have changed my life. The retreats and family camps have helped me to become who I am today. Nancy Campbell is truly a Titus 2 woman. She is a blessing to meet and to hear speak. You can just see the love of God through her life and hear it as she speaks. It is amazing. If you ever have the chance to go to a retreat- GO! Or order a book, check out the articles online, sign up for the free magazines. Whatever. But let me warn you- if you are open to it it will change your life!

Her two daughters used to sing in the band Considering Lily. Now they are Serene and Pearl and they sing at Above Rubies retreats. They have two awesome CD's that you can order at tea site. These are life-changing songs about mothering, being a wife, etc. Awesome. One song is called Lullaby of Love. Ever since my miscarriage has happened this song has been in my head. The lyrics are below but please click on the above Lullaby of Love link to read what Serene wrote about it. Let me tell you that it cannot describe my feelings any better.

By Serene Allison
Dedicated to our baby in Heaven

Baby. . .
I wish you could have stayed,
I miss you growing inside of me.
Baby. . .
I would have loved to have seen your face,
I want to hold you endlessly.

But even though I won't feel you in my arms
I hold your memory in my heart.

And I'll sing with the angels
A lullaby of love,
And as you're soothed by feathered wings
In your cradle high above,
Hear my voice. . . your mother's lullaby of love.

Baby. . .
If I could only look in your eyes
And you could see mine shine with how much I adore you.
Baby. . .
Were they the color of your daddy's or mine?
And I know they had a beautiful hue.

I wonder what would have been your name,
But I'm so glad you came. . . for awhile. . .

And I'll sing with the angels
A lullaby of love,
And as you're soothed by feathered wings
In your cradle high above
Hear my voice. . . your mother's lullaby of love.

One thing I know I haven't lost you,
You're with your Creator by a celestial stream,
You were made for heaven, darling,
One day I'll hold you and it won't be a dream.


**Author's Note: The Lullaby of Love link does not work, so go to the Above Rubies site, click on Serene and Pearl and then the song title!


Choppzs said...

That made me cry!!! It sounds like a beautiful song. I think a big reason for my crying is that I never want to experience that feeling, and I feel so horribly that you have too!! I am so sorry for your loss. Big Hugs!

Christine said...

Very beautiful! Nancy Campbell's ministry is the best. It really transformed my heart.She is such a blessing. May God deeply console you.

Amie said...

I think it helps to have songs that capture and express emotions. I hope your feeling better physically, and starting to heal emotionally too.

Kay in PA said...

That song always gave me goose bumps! I actually couldnt listen to it after my miscarriage a couple of years ago. I just put that CD in yesterday for the first time in a long time! OFf to read what Serene wrote about! Praying comfort for you!

Wethyb said...

Omigoodness--I have tears in my eyes. I can only imagine what a beautiful song that is.

I've never heard of that woman, but she sounds awesome.

Still praying for you as you go through this. I know it's not easy. xoxo.

Marla said...

Too teary eyed to write anything other than how much I love the words to that song and I'm truly sorry for your loss. God bless you!