Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wal-Mart's Support of the Homosexuals

Have you heard the latest? Wal-Mart is helping to support the homosexuals. How many of us shop at Wal-Mart? How many support homosexuality? You can go to the American Family Association's site and read more about this issue and see what you can do to fight such madness! I normally do nothing when it comes to things like this, but seeing that so much of our money goes to Wal-Mart I took a stand on this. Here is the letter I wrote to Chairman Rob Walton:

Dear Chairman Walton:
I regret that Wal-Mart has made a decision to help promote the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. I will share this information with my friends and family.
My family uses Wal-Mart as our source of purchasing groceries as well as for buying household items, clothes, etc. It is convenient to shop at Wal-Mart. They are everywhere. Our nearest one is only 5 miles away, so if I need a gallon of milk I just hop in my car and go to Wal-Mart. Chances are I buy something besides just my gallon of milk. We also joke that we ought to put stock in Wal-Mart considering how much of our paycheck goes to the company.
I am appalled that you would join in such a matter in joining with this homosexual group. What happened to the ordinance of God creating marriage to be between a man and a woman? God must be appalled as He looks down and sees the largest retailer in the world taking a stand for such a perverse group.
I must tell you that my business will go elsewhere. As inconvenient as it may be to my family, I will not shop in your stores knowing that my money is going to such an organization as this. I will pass this information on to friends and family and urge them to begin doing their business elsewhere. America was founded on Christian principles. Being the leading retailer, you are starting a trend for other businesses to continue to lead this country down the wrong path. And you will suffer for that.
I also sent an email urging friends and family to reconsider where they shop.
Hey All,Sorry for this mass email but when I heard this I had to take action. I know we ALL shop at Wal-Mart. It is cheap, convenient, etc. But please reconsider shopping elsewhere. Not sure where I will take my business now but I know that it will not be going here. I will NOT support something of this nature and know my money is going here. I know we cannot boycott everything that supports this type of thing, but Wal-Mart being the largest retailer can sure take a hit and realize their faults if we all take a stand for this. Take time to email your friends and family and even the Chairman! I took the time! Will you?

Here is a sample of my letter. Please stand up for Christian morals in our country!
Please let's take a stand for once and do something!!!
***Author's Note: I did not mean that the suffering was a direct threat from myself. I simply meant that in the end God will be the judge of their actions.

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momanna98 said...

Yikes! I love walmart! What are they thinking? Years ago, I heard that Target supported planned parenthood, so we can't take our business there.... Just proves the need to become self sufficient.