Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Painted Roads & An Update

Today as we were driving there was a cement mixer in front of us. G is fascinated with big trucks, construction vehicles, etc, so I pointed out the cement mixer. H asked what a cement mixer does (I know I've told them before) so I told her it makes cement for the roads and such. She says in her sweet little voice, "Huh. I thought the roads were painted or something. Or that God made them." I just cracked up! Painted roads. The things kids come up with!

Update: After passing a clot yesterday and bleeding a lot (only for about 2-3 hours) it really tapered off and today nothing is really happening. Had to go in and get a pregnancy test done to ensure I have no more pregnancy hormones in my body. They act like it is no big deal. I mean they were nice, but the lady was like, "Have a good day". Yeah, I'm getting my blood drawn to tell me I am definately no longer pregnant after being pregnant and going through what I've been through and I'm supposed to have a good day! I guess people think its no loss...but it is a loss. Just irks me when people act like it is no big deal. Anyway, at least I seem to FINALLY be getting better physically!


Amie said...

SO glad to hear your feeling better physically.

Mom said...

Don't let that bother you and look on the bright side the wonderful blessing you will see in heaven someday.

Yea would be nice if it were that easy to paint the roads. Do you think they would paint them without holes and such? Love you Hannah.

Jodie said...

Brady loves all things construction too. Fortunately for him, unfortunately for me, we have a ton of that going on by our house this summer. Every day we have to stop and watch the excavater. :)

Glad your body is getting better.