Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy, Sick and Tired

Zach's dad flew in on Friday and spent the long weekend with us. We had a good visit. I was on the couch for a majority of it but we were able to do a few things. The guys went to shoot Zach's gun on Saturday. We also went to see Columbus' ship, the Nina. It was really neat. I was surprised at how small it is. I was wearing a sweatshirt from the college I went to and while in line the ticket guy asked if I went there. Turns out he did too and he's from that town, although he is much younger. It seems like every time I wear my college paraphenalia somebody asks me about it and has gone there as well. And it is NOT a big college at all! On the other hand, I often wonder if I should be on that show What Not to Wear. It has been how many years since I graduated from college and I'm still wearing clothes signifying I went there???

Princess talked Grandpa's ear off while he was here. Grandpa did all of the cooking. I felt terrible and told him a few times how bad I felt that he was doing so much but he understood and it also gave him something to do (and he enjoyed it). We grilled quite a bit, which we hadn't done in a LONG time and it was delicious! And of course Princess cried when we dropped him off at the airport this morning. And wouldn't you know that now that Daddy is gone back to work and Grandpa is gone these children are being so disobedient. It is very frustrating for a mom who just wants to lay on the couch! I did manage to do some school with them already though.

Speaking of school, we're so behind (as far as I'm concerned). I hadn't done much for weeks with feeling so crummy. Little Man finally got back into his phonics today! I hope I can attempt to have us mostly finished before we move in June.
On to the move...here are some of the details. We are moving to Ames, Iowa. Zach will be working at Iowa State University in the ROTC office. We'll be there for 4 years. We leave here June 18. At first I was quite shocked about it but I am really, really excited. Ames is noted as being the second best small U.S. city. It looks like a nice college town. I thought there'd be no trees and such but it looks beautiful there. And we'll be nearer to home, family and friends! You can't beat that! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is that we'll have to either rent or buy a house. I was really looking forward to living in military housing again! Oh and I'm praying our daughter will be here by the time we move so we don't have to pay extra adoption fees to get another homestudy and all done.
This morning Cuddly Boy told me he wants a baby sister. A little bit later he asked when his baby sister will be here;) It was pretty cute! Of course Princess wants a sister too, but Little Man is rooting for another brother. I don't care as long as I have a healthy baby! I had a dream last week that I was in labor and delivered a baby (not sure if it was a boy or girl). But since then I've had a couple of nightmares. I try not to let the fear creep in but it is hard. I have an appointment on Thursday and then next Tuesday I have an ultrasound. As exciting as that all sounds I'm a bit nervous. I keep recalling the last time I lay on the table with the doctor using the doppler, not finding a heartbeat. I so don't want that to be the case this time. And I'm certain it won't be but again there's a little fear there.

Now for a ton of pictures...

I forgot to mention that we bought a trampoline about a month ago. The children love it and ask to go on it every day!

Princess got her hair cut. It looks so much better! The scabs on her head are from her dad scrubbing a tattoo off of her head! Ouch! That's why tattoos don't go on foreheads, dad!
Here we have Cuddly Boy being some sort of Power Ranger/Superman. He certainly cracks me up!

Here is the Nina.

Grandpa and the kiddos. Not sure who the kid in the red shirt is!
He's so silly!
Handsome boy!
*********I don't know why my paragraphs won't work!!! No matter how many spaces I put sometimes they just don't work!!!


Jodie said...

ROFL poor Princess. She's still so cute though. ;)

Nice tramp!

You and my little bro could wear matching sweatshirts. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can put your name in on What Not to Wear after you move in June! LOL MOM

Choppzs said...

Sounds like how it is here when we have family come for a bit. THe kids get so upset when they have to leave! It stinks!

But I am glad you had a bit of a break, and let the guys take care of you! lol

Anonymous said...

Huh, we should do the show together!! I still wear my sweats and shirt too. Actually, I'm wearing the pants right now and I just bought a new sweatshir this weekend. Even bought the girls one too!! Wouldn't that be fun?

I am so glad you guys are moving closer!! I can't wait.

Oh yeah, Flat Stanley should be on his way tomorrow!!


momanna98 said...

I am glad to hear you are still feeling crummy! If you know what I mean.... ;-)

Aduladi' said...

It never fails to amaze me when God's providence is so apparent! By selling your house months ago you now can just "pick up and go", even though that was not your initial reason for selling.

Being faithful certainly has it rewards!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised at how small the Nina was, too! Can you imagine coming across the Atlantic in that?

I'm sorry that you are still feeling under the weather.............I'm praying for you to be fully recovered by next weekend, in JESUS Awesome Name----Amen!

It looks like you have a good, helpful Dad-in-law like mine. I'm glad that y'all had a good visit.
I'll bet that you will love Ames. One of my brothers went to college there, and loved that town. Eastern Iowa is decently pretty, and Iowans are friendly people.
Have a blessed day, Jamie,

Melissa said...

cute pics!!

Amie said...

Glad you had a good visit. I know how Larry has to keep busy. When he was here this summer he worked non-stop on our house. Our neighbors asked if they could borrow him LOL

Grilling sounds pretty good right about now.

Cute pics, the costume ones cracked me up.

Becca said...

How exciting about the move...If I remember correctly, we went thru Ames on our way home from Madison County where we'd been to see the covered bridges.

The Nina looks neat...small tho!

Risa said...

My kids have put tattoos in strange places as well...yours aren't the only ones!

You should have asked "grandpa" to stay longer as long as he was willing to cook! LOL Anything that gives you a break is great! :)

Isn't it great to have family who come visit you and then take care of you? :)

Crystal said...

Are you originally from Michigan? Congrats on your pregnancy and Blessings to you!! We live in the Western Lower Peninsula right on Lake Michigan : ) Crystal